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Crux Fitness in Richmond, B.C., is the leader in Personal Training, Group Training, and Nutrition Coaching.  Helping hundreds of clients to lose weight, lose fat, get lean, get toned, get fit, build muscle, and get healthy.  Book a consultation with us and experience the best Personal Trainers Richmond BC has to offer.

Jason Tam

A Vancouver local, Jason Tam is an ACE-certified personal trainer who appreciates the challenges and rewards of working with people of all backgrounds. Jason knows that every person reacts differently to training methods!

Jason recently chose to transform his life from a 9-to-5 routine to one dedicated to health, fitness and overall well-being. His successful shift to a strong and energetic lifestyle propelled him to inspire and motivate as many people in starting their own life-changing transformations.

With over five years of customer service experience and certification from the American Council on Exercise (ACE), Jason delivers top-notch service and nonstop support to anyone seeking training and nutrition advice. His upbeat attitude, training expertise and passion for fitness all help to create a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere for client personal development.

Also an auto enthusiast, Jason sees parallels between maintaining cars and personal development and growth:

“Maintenance is what preserves value, whether of a body built from metal or one of flesh and bone. Maintain with discipline, and appreciation will follow.”

Jacky Huang

Chris Krammer


Chris Krammer is our Registered Physiotherapist
Chris treats his clients with a combination of manual therapy and strategic therapeutic exercise. His assessments and treatments are designed to help you reconnect to your body and discover your flow state by removing pain and mobility barriers, thereby opening the door to improved health and performance, and a deeper enjoyment of life.

Patrick Koo

Nothing gets Patrick more fired up than guiding others toward their goals in the most fun, fast, and efficient way possible. As a certified personal trainer with a tremendous base of knowledge in kinesiology and psychology from UBC, he samples from a wide range of movement disciplines and modalities – in stark contrast to the habitual iron-pumping, treadmill-running practices of big commercial gyms. Whether the goal is weight loss, muscle gain, improved flexibility, or heightened athleticism, Patrick will take care in showing you how to move well, move often, and move in a variety of different ways.

For the beginners who are preparing to embark on the lifetime journey towards health and wellness, be comforted by the fact that Patrick is just as much of a novice as anyone else. As a lifelong learner, he is constantly seeking new knowledge and being humbled in areas such as yoga, jiu-jitsu, gymnastics, and swimming (he can’t float!). Remember, being a novice or an expert – it’s all relative! At the end of the day, everybody is a beginner in one way or another; knowing this, Patrick strives to cultivate an environment of constant learning and curiosity at Crux Fitness.

For the advanced athletes who come into Crux, be assured that Patrick has the knowledge and experience to facilitate huge gains in strength and conditioning. With extensive experience in elite-level youth soccer and volleyball, as well as 6 years of experience as a martial artist – learning from and training with the best boxers, kickboxers, and grapplers in the province, Patrick knows exactly what it takes to reach peak levels of fitness and athleticism.

Patrick Koo is also FMS (Functional Movement Screen ( certified.

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