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Nothing Better Than Matcha Green Tea! Top 3 Advantages to Your Fitness Life

As we all know matcha is a flavour made from leaves that has been incorporated into our everyday food and beverages. Whether it’s in teas, lattes and desserts. The matcha that we all know contains nutrients from leaves to produce caffeine and antioxidants like the ones found in green tea. 

From my experience, matcha green tea is a much healthier way to get your daily dose to start your day oppose to coffee. It will give you the energy to start your day as well. As there is less caffeine in matcha, it won’t sap away as much calcium from your bones and weaken them as much as coffee. As coffee, is more likely to stain your teeth, matcha is a much lighter beverage, therefore it will have a less likely effect on staining your teeth. 

However, these aren’t benefits that I’m referring to. There are much better health benefits from drinking your daily cup of matcha green tea. Here are top 3 advantages in my opinion.

Excellent Source for Antioxidants

As we all know, matcha is filled with catechins, a compound in tea for natural antioxidants. These antioxidants help stabilize the harmful free radicals that can damage our cells and cause chronic diseases. 

Not only do these antioxidants help protect our cells from cell damage and chronic diseases, but they help reduce our muscle soreness as well. As muscles are less bound to be sore with the intake of matcha, we will be able to exercise more frequently to improve our overall health. 

Matcha is known to contain much more catehchins than regular green tea. So make sure you’re choosing the right tea to drink!

Promotes Better Heart Health

As mentioned previously, we know that matcha will improve protections for our cells. But it will also help control our heart rate levels. With this, we will less likely to catch any heart diseases. Matcha prevents these by reducing cholesterol and triglycerides. 

Since matcha will help control the heart levels, we will be able to do more variety types of exercises to improve our cardiovascular and strength endurance. This way we will able improve our physical health better as our heart will be able to handle different intensities of exercises. 

Great Assistance for Losing Weight

Weight loss is heavily notes in the fitness industry, therefore, it’s only natural that we would want to intake food and beverages that will help promote that. Matcha green tea is shown to enhance weight loss as it helps speed up the metabolism to increase energy expenditure and boost fat burning. Studies have shown that in taking of matcha green has increased fat burning in exercising by 17%. Therefore many supplements for weight loss would tend have “green tea extract” listed in the ingredients too.

So there you have it! My top 3 reasons of how matcha green tea will help improve your fitness lifestyle. These are mostly based on my experience with association to matcha. Therefore, I’d highly recommend you implement this into your daily diet as well. 

Until next time, remember stay strong! 

  • Trainer Keric