hi I’m Dennet I’m the perpetual fitness
expert I help you start a new fitness
routine so you can keep it up for the
rest of your life
so again which kind of person are you
now hopefully we rest hopefully most of
you have started but for those of you
who haven’t started we got to call with
more reasons to start and for those of
you who have started we got to continue
to find reasons to continue I promised
you guys that I would find an infinite
number of reasons to continue but I
don’t know I’m running out of ideas here
I’m kidding I’m kidding of course I
didn’t of course I didn’t right there’s
endless I endless reasons to workout so
why should we work out here’s a good one
problem-solving abilities who who in
their life does not have problems nobody
we all have problems and what do we and
we’re supposed to have problems what do
we need to do with these problems we
need to solve these problems what do we
need to solve these problems now this is
where it gets interesting what do each
of us have what tools do we have to
solve problems now contrary to what some
people believe there are studies which I
do agree with which say we pretty much
have all the tools we need to solve any
the problem is this we are all
distracted to realize we have the tool
on our tool belt we don’t even know we
have the tool right imagine you’d see it
you got a screw in a screw with a
specialized screwdriver and you’re like
off can’t even do anything I can’t get
it with my fingers you don’t even know
you got that tool on you you don’t even
know you got a tool belt let alone know
the other tool other tool belt you have
what is that tool imagination
everybody has imagination that is what
makes us creative that is what makes
human beings innovate imagination think
of think of movies music anything that
is created on this planet from human
beings is because of imagination right
people talk about creativity also called
innovation all these things
it all comes from imagination someone
had to imagine it and we all have an
imagination now why are some people’s
more mad why are some people’s
imagination more vivid than others now
here’s good here’s gonna get interesting
it’s gonna get real interesting here we
are all born with an imagination right
think of kids years ago right they would
make up imaginary friends
they would have you know girl you know
people have called you know though
children have cars or dolls and make up
their own scenarios and play right
that’s what we’re meant to do but in
today’s society now this word gets to
parent again you got to be careful we do
not use our imaginations anymore right
our tools are blunt our tools are blunt
it is okay to be bored it is okay to sit
there alone it is great to read a book
but if all of you all if all you do is
watch Netflix or TV shows or movies and
listen to music and not use your
creative mind not lit your imagination
run wild not read a book and let your
brain come up with the picture in its
own head you stop using your imagination
and that’s why when you give children
nothing but electronic devices in their
face their imagination turns off right
they’re bored right the worst thing is
there are children if a child says I’m
bored and you give them an iPad or an
iPhone right away let them be bored let
their imagine
should work it is an asset because later
in life they will need their imagination
to solve problems in their life and
remember the problems are inevitable
problems are inevitable in life and your
happiness your success your ability to
deal and solve your problems is what we
would determine how happy and successful
you are so do not rob children or
yourselves of the most valuable tool you
have your imagination to solve problems
right too much screen time no
imagination less screen time more
reading more creativity time more
walking out in nature let your brain
work with this imagination you have it
you stand if you haven’t used it for a
long time you can still develop it right
but just cut down the screen time and
what’s the other solution you know what
it is work out every day work out every
day get the blood flowing to your brain
have a lone quiet time right and sit
there if you think of when you solve the
most problems right in your life use
these in your sleep right your sleep and
when you’re sleeping what’s going on
what’s dreams right your brain is
imagining it’s imagining but if all day
long when you’re awake
you’re just distracted by routine work
people a stress TV computer screens your
imagination can’t do anything and then
those problems will last so if you need
help starting to work out because you
need your imagination to solve problems
in your life click the link below if you
need help continuing click the link
below this is one of the most important
reasons to work out and it has nothing
to do with fitness it’s because you need
your imagination so reduce the screen
time increase your working out time your
imagination imagination time your
walking in nature time because again
here’s a here’s a quote I’ll end it with
without imagination your life will be
nothing but stagnation you have an
imagination you are meant to use it and
again too much screen time the
imaginations done for you right the
pictures are out there your brain can
just turn off I don’t need to imagine
anything I just see this bombardment of
flashes explosions and animation alright
that’s it

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