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Too Much Fitness Motivation and Positivity Will Stop You From Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals

By February 21, 2018 August 21st, 2018 No Comments

It is almost the end of the year again! This is typically the season of love.

Rainbows and colorful confettis in the air, ponies and puppies around every corner. The world is wonderful in these holiday seasons.

Why does it take a specific holiday for most of us to remember how important it is to show love, appreciation and gratitude to people around us? I think we have all been conditioned to show special gestures of appreciation ONLY on certain special days.

I am not saying it is such a bad thing. It sure beats never showing any appreciation at all.

But is it the best to cultivate and elevate your relationship with people all around you? Probably not.

We are also seeing this trend in the world of health and fitness. It is so easy for all of us to feel “motivated” and “inspired” after watching a Facebook post sharing either an inspirational weight loss video, or some photos of a fitness Goddess.

We instantly hear the Rocky Balboa theme in our heads and tell ourselves that this is the day that all of our fitness goals and aspirations comes true. Only it never lasts.

What I have found from my own personal struggle is that if you always associate “working out” and “eating healthy” with the feeling of positivity and motivation. Then the moment you start feeling the grind of the real world, the first thing you don’t feel like doing would be “working out” and “eating healthy”.

If you wire your brain that way, what other results do you expect?

The best approach is one of emotionless follow through. You have to think of going to the gym and preparing healthy food as something that is simply part of your daily routine. Just like brushing your teeth, you feel extremely uncomfortable whenever you skip it. It has become a part of who you are.

That is why it is essential for you to start off slow. Dedicate just two, or even one day a week, always at the same times. For you to simply show up and do whatever type of workout you have committed yourself to doing.

If you feel less than motivated, show up and go through the motions. If you feel motivated, then push as hard as you can and have fun with it.

But through the simple act of showing up week after week, then you can start to really establish a whole new habit and lifestyle. Once you have become consistent, then you can do whatever tweak you need to your program in order to get the best results possible.

But the best programs in the world can’t help you when you haven’t established the routine and habits.

Now you know to not make the mistake of being overly positive and motivated when you decide to finally lose weight and get into the best shape of your life. Just commit to whatever you are able to commit to right now, and then just be consistent like clockwork.

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