Larry Scherban

“Success Story Highlight”

I am 65 years old, and I can honestly say that I was not in this great a shape when I was in my early twenties.

Kevin Yong

“Success Story Highlight”

I have lost 20lbs, have a lot more energy, stamina, and don’t feel as tired anymore.

Hakiem Gittens

“Success Story Highlight”

I have lost about 27 lbs and gained 6 lbs of muscle.

Vihor S.

“Success Story Highlight”

Lost 85lbs, and doing things never before thought possible!

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Dan Y.

“What the Client Has to Say”

The trainers at Crux Fitness are first class and will help you set and attain goals that will transform your life. The atmosphere in their gym is inviting and very motivational. Training with Crux helped me reach levels of fitness that I never though possible.

Gerry V.

“What the Client Has to Say”

I lost 20lbs in 3 months working out with their group training at the Richmond location. I lost my belly and now have abs. Super friendly people and a welcoming environment.  The trainers are awesome, great motivators with out being jerks. They are thorough in making sure they understand any injuries you may have so you don’t get hurt.

Doug M.

“What the Client Has to Say”

Crux has the very best trainers you will ever meet. You will enjoy every minute of your work out with one of the super star Crux fitness trainers. They bring positive and high energy to the work out, all are very likable, awesome guys you’ll ever meet.

Oscar B.

“What the Client Has to Say”

Training at crux was amazing I have learned so much about nutrition, working out and how far I could push myself. I would recommend it to anyone just starting working out. 🙂


Anthony J.

Jacky H.

Bruce L.

Thomas C.

Victor P.

Mike K.

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