hi I’m Dennet i’m the perpetual fitness
expert i help you start a new fitness
routine so you can keep it up for the
rest of your life so which kind of
person are you are you the type of
person who knows you need to be working
out and still or not
or are you the kind of person who is
working out and needs some motivation to
continue either way that’s what i’m
gonna help you with today so let’s talk
about who should be learning from who
right who should be learning from who
adults need to learn from children
children are babies especially don’t
need to learn from adults it’s
completely backwards why because if you
look again let’s use children walking
again babies walking that’s always the
best example babies walking they don’t
Google how to do it they don’t over
stimulate themself with too much
information on how to walk right but
what are what else do we over analyze
right we look up information so much
information that we don’t even know what
we’re doing anymore right when babies
learn how to walk
they have no pressure they have no
unrealistic expectations they’re not
impatient they don’t get frustrated
that is why 100 percent of babies as
long as they’re physically capable learn
how to walk and not only do 100 percent
of them learn how to walk they learn how
to walk quickly as adults we are
learning abilities decreased because we
get frustrated we have high expectations
we’re impatient so who should be
learning from food we should be learning
from them now here’s the thing when
parents are teaching babies how to walk
this is the most interesting thing of
nothing but encouragement no
no telling them oh no not like that
you’re doing it wrong you’re wallowing
too much go straighten up your feet what
do parents do they let children think
they figure it all out on their own okay
I’m gonna say that again what do parents
do when they’re teaching their children
how to walk they let them figure it out
on their own and guess what they always
do they always figure it out on their
own what happens as adults is we keep
trying to over correct each other right
or look up too much information or get
high expectations frustration impatient
all those things and what happens is
this when you over correct somebody you
decrease their confidence right when you
figure stuff out on your own you gain
confidence so now I know a lot of
trainers gonna tell me well aren’t if
this isn’t form important all that’s
those things yes it is but I believe the
most important part for that is most
people injure themselves with big with
bad form not because of the bad form
initially again babies have bad form
when they’re walking as well but what
happens is because people are impatient
and they have bad form that is how they
injure themselves because they’re trying
to do too much too fast right so imagine
that an adult okay imagine an adult
learning to walk how many attempts
wouldn’t it don’t make until they give
up two three maybe five most adults I’m
speaking about it most adults would give
up on walking even though they know it
would make their life much more
difficult they say well at least I won’t
ever fall down again at least I won’t
ever fall down again think how horrible
that is right and we all went through
the walking process so we all learned to
get worse at learning now what does that
do with everything today so what I’m
trying to get at is this for all of you
who are not working out no need to
overanalyze anymore right stop googling
stop going on YouTube trying to figure
out different methods or techniques all
you’ve got to do is start working
and the only thing at this point you
need a trainer for the only thing you
need a trainer for if you are not
working out is to get you started and
keep you accountable that is it to get
you started and keep you accountable
that’s it that’s all you need them for
right that is the best use of a trainer
right and after you have the trainer the
trainer’s goal number one priority no
matter what what they whatever they take
like if it’s CrossFit if it’s yoga
whatever the number one priority of all
trainers or instructors is to not injure
you it is to not injure you priority
number one not into you priority number
two to keep you going as often and as
long as possible that is it so again
learn from children learn from children
just start keep going have no
expectations no need to get frustrated
no need to get impatient keep at it and
figure it out on your own and you will
keep progressing don’t worry so much
about the techniques just worry about
showing up okay so that resonated with
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clear that up for everybody okay that’s
it I’m Out

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