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rest of your life

so we’re gonna talk
about today? let’s talk about that old
favourite saying of ours, right?

knowledge is?… you gonna say power, right?

knowledge is power

that’s not correct, that’s what
we’ve been told but knowledge is not
power knowledge is only potential power.
knowledge is only potential power

the great Bruce Lee the great late Bruce Lee
used to say knowing is not enough we
must apply, knowing is not enough we must

obviously what does that mean? if
you don’t apply it, it does you no good
and that’s why knowing is not power

It is only potential power. power
depending on what you use how often you
use it and to what extent, right?

so another way of thinking things is this,
right, we want to all have good judgment
right? we want to have good judgment and
with the thing is this.

how do you get good judgment?

good judgments only based
on experience, and how do you get
experience? you get experience from bad

so you need to make bad
judgment first to get experience to get
good judgment, so what does this all mean?

no problem.

make mistakes, apply what you know

it doesn’t have to be perfect, do not wait
for the perfect time, do not wait for the
perfect program, do not wait for the
perfect anything!

you need to just start with mistakes

get bad experiences to get
bad judgment to get good experience, to make
better judgment.

apply your knowledge

what does it have to do with fitness?
fitness has to do with everything, why?
what’s the one thing we all know we need
to be doing?

working out every day
work out every day doesn’t matter if
it’s perfect, doesn’t matter where

just work out, get better experience
figure out what you’re doing, apply your
knowledge right now.

how do you it? wisdom.

knowledge is only of the past, knowledge
is with the past. wisdom is applying your
knowledge and that you can use it
towards the future.

wisdom is much more
important than knowledge because wisdom
is the future.

I just dropped a bunch of
nuclear quotes on you so start with what
you got, do whatever you got to do, get
the experience.

once you get the experience, you get better judgment once
you get better judgment, you can apply
that past knowledge and

all right, workout every day you
know you need to be doing it there’s no
reason not to be doing it, every reason
you come up with is not real. it’s a
phantom, it’s a phantom reason
that people are addicted to using, and
because they’re addicted to coming up
with excuses and procrastinating, they
don’t even realize that they’re addicted
to it!

cut the addiction, you can change your
life, apply the knowledge and unleash
that potential power that you have
inside of you all right
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that’s it I’m out.


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