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Key Stretches for Lower Back Pain

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Majority of the population now suffer from lower back pain due to job demands and/or sport injuries. Strengthening the appropriate muscles is important but also stretching them is also important. Below are three critical stretches to improve lower back pain. A personal trainer in Richmond Gym will guide you through these stretches.

Hip flexors

Individuals with lower back pain will often experience hip flexor pain due to tightness in the lumbar area. It is important to keep your torso upright to feel the stretch in the hip flexor. A personal trainer in our Richmond, Cloverdale, or Walnut Grove location, can coach you through the form.

Child’s pose

Often used in yoga, the child’s pose is a great lower back stretch to relieve any tension.

Supine spinal twist pose

This stretch will stretch out the quadratus lumborum that the child’s pose cannot. It is a good stretch to have in your arsenal. It is important to keep both shoulders on the ground to get a full range stretch in the lower back.

A personal trainer in our Richmond, Cloverdale, or Walnut Grove location will coach you through the forms!

By Marco Ng, Personal Trainer at Crux Fitness
3 locations: Richmond, Cloverdale, Walnut Grove

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