hi my name is Dennet I’m the perpetual
fitness expert I help people start a new
fitness routine so can they keep it up for a
so today I got a story for you
today a client asked me if it’s good or
bad to run every day
and I said okay, couple of things
I said I will ask you a question
because again it’s important to
know these things. but before I answer
those questions my first question to you
is how often are you running now?
He was like,  now? Like not at all…
Ok, so you are not running at all now that’s ok
that’s pretty good, I said funny that
you’re laughing – it’s always funny when
people laugh when you ask
these questions
I said okay so you’re not
running now, fine I said. now before I
answer your question I have one more
thing to say to you or ask you. if I tell
you it’s not good to run every day
what’s the result? what are we gonna do
here? he’s like well then I’m not gonna
run every day. okay and I said if it is
good to run every day what are you gonna
do and he laughed again.
oh I said, what, you’re not you’re not
gonna do that either? I go so what if I
tell you it’s not good to run every day
you’re gonna take that advice and not do
it but if I tell you it’s good to run
every day you’re still not gonna do it
so what’s the point in asking this
I’m like man like, look, think of
what you’re doing here, I said you’re
only asking the question not because you
really want to know it’s because you’re
looking for someone or some way or
something to give you the answer you
really want, that’s what you want. he’s
like I guess? like oh you guess!? for sure
that’s what it is.
so the answer is this…
is it good or bad to run every day
that there’s not enough information
that question what do I mean by that is
it good to run a marathon every day? of
course not.
that’s ridiculous. is it good to run 20
miles every day? I’m sure people can do
it but I still don’t think it’s a good
idea. could you run around the block
everyday? of course you can !
And it’d be good for you so do you see what
I’m getting at? there’s not enough
information to that question.
you’re not asking me how long to run or what
distance or how many minutes. you’re just
asking me is it good to run every day.
you’re not going to run every day.
there’s not enough information to that
question is my point.
so I would say this
yes! it’s good to do it every day just
don’t do such a long duration or a long
distance that is detrimental to your
body or psychologically in a way that
you won’t want to do it more often.
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I am out

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