I Lost 7 lbs! Here’s What I Did Differently
I’m not here to gloat, although I am extremely proud of my achievements.
I wanted to share with you what I have been doing differently and how this gave me the best results so far. I strongly believe that adopting some of these habits are going to help you on your journey as well.
It’s shocking to think that just a year ago, I’ve quietly thought to myself that I would never be able to lose fat and how my hormones will ALWAYS hold me back! This didn’t deter me though, I was determined to google my way out of this hole I was in.
Here are some things that I’ve done differently- and they are definitely not what you think. I did not run 10 marathons and drink nothing but protein shakes. There was a lot of inner work and reducing environmental factors that are polluting my body.
Changed My Perception Of Food
Although I became a vegetarian, it wasn’t because vegetables have lower calories. It was because I realized that conventional meat had a lot of hormones/antibiotics/chemicals due to the nature of being factory raised.
I also focused on what foods made me feel good and stopped eating what made me bloat or depleted my energy. This is how you can truly tell what foods work best for you. Another major thing was eating when I was hungry, not because the clock tells me to or because I’m bored.
I also realized that I don’t need to live off of 130 grams of protein a day or whatever bodybuilding standards are set to. I ate things that made me happy and added a supplementary greens drink (my go-go juice recipe has been posted) to make sure I was balanced.
Acceptance & Stopped Obsessing
The most difficult thing I had to do was truly accepting me for who I am in that current state. It’s important to love yourself at no matter what stage of your fitness journey. The more you tell yourself “I am fat” the more your subconscious is going to believe it.
I stopped comparing myself to bikini models or other women that I would see or pass by. I am me. I could never be them because our bodies are all shaped differently. I could only focus on being the best me I can be.
This also made me stop obsessing over every little inch or pound whenever I had a weigh in or measurements taken. I started to buy clothes that fit and flattered me rather than tell myself “I can have it when I’m skinny.” In other words, I just started living like the person that I wanted so badly to be.
Removing Stress
This was freaking tough! I can be pretty stubborn and in denial that I cannot do 10 things at once. Even if I could, it would probably not be done right or at the level that I want it at. I had way too much on my plate and I ended up panicking and stressing about all the things on my to-do list than to appreciate life.
I reflected on what I truly wanted to do and what made me undeniably happy and just put my soul into that. There were a few projects that I was working on and I realized that some of them just didn’t fulfill me the way I thought it was going to so I stepped away.
Another major thing was doing some housekeeping and cleared up lots of old things that I was holding on to. I also did a mental clearing and removed myself from situations that I felt were putting me in an unhappy place – such as work life or friendships.
Honestly it felt like a huge weight came off my shoulders. I think this is the most I’ve smiled, laughed, and felt relieved in a looooooong time.
Staying Active
I started to stay active every day- not in the way that you think. Not everyday is going to be a crazy workout, but I always made sure to throw in exercises here and there. Often, I would do some sets with clients or otherwise show up to the gym earlier just to put in some work.
This can work for people that don’t work at the gym too (don’t limit yourself!) you can throw in some pushups at home, or go for a walk around the block.
Since it is summer, I planned more activities around going to the park, or lake. Being outside to soak up the sun and going out for walks or bike rides helped a ton even though it doesn’t sound like a sweaty iron pumping.
Meditate & Journal
This kind of ties in with my whole de-stressing movement, but it’s also quite different. There was a reason why I was hanging on to so much stress and beating myself up. I was so busy distracting myself from my activities that I forgot to listen to myself.
When I started meditating more, I started to listen to myself and learn what I liked and didn’t like. Journalling also helped me release all the thoughts I was cramming up there in my brain. Once the ink touched the paper, all the emotions that were running loose had calmed down and I felt some relief.
I started to visualize what I wanted in my future and wrote those down i my journal as well. This started to give me something to look forward to and helped me with practicing gratitude. The more detailed the journal entries are, the better and there is nothing too big or small to write in there. Just give your brain a break and stop holding back!
I’d love to tell you that there’s a magic pill that burns all your fat, but that’s just not how it works. The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that your perception and how you talk to yourself is a huge factor in succeeding. Let go of everything that doesn’t give you value and you’ll have more space for everything that you do want.
Until next time,
– Clara Coelho, Personal Trainer at Crux Fitness Richmond
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