Personal responsibility should be something that is taught in elementary, high school as well as post-secondary. This concept should be something that is reinforced throughout adulthood and old-age. This SHOULD NOT be something that is dropped at any point in life. 

The moment you feel that it is “out of your hands” you have lost the game. You are now playing victim and want others to empathize you. You will feel things are out of your control and things will turn into a downward spiral. 

Rather, you need to adopt the mindset that everything is in YOUR CONTROL. You have the power to turn things around. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. You have the POWER. In this article we will discuss different aspects that are completely up to you to change. Ask your personal trainer in Richmond about personal responsibility. 

Your physique

This one is by far the easiest one to change only if you completely adopt that it is your responsibility. Whether it is working out, nutrition or a lifestyle change; it is in your hands. You are responsible for getting to the gym, meal planning and managing stress levels. 

Yes, there is a genetic factor that plays a role in this and you cannot control what genes you get; but keep in mind that DNA plays a very small role in your physique. The training, nutrition and lifestyle factor plays a MUCH bigger role in the outcome. Accept responsibility and your entire physique will change for the better. 

Your network

The people you hang out with on a weekly basis has a huge deciding factor on your future. If you hang out with people who do not inspire you, there is no room to grow. You are only as good as the people you hang out with. Sooner or later, that circle becomes a cage. Hang out with people who make you better. That is the way to grow. Ask your personal trainer in Richmond how to grow your network. 

Your wealth 

It is up to you how much money you make but more importantly how much you SAVE. If you are stuck at a job, find a way to improve your skillset or experience to get a better job. If you need to make a lateral move to be at a better company, do it. 

Saving money is something everyone can do. It is your responsibility that you don’t buy useless things or eat out every night. You know exactly how to save money. It is a matter if you have the grit to do it or not. 

Your perspective 

This one is a tricky one because everything can be so subjective. Someone can see a certain matter one way while another can see it a different way. It is completely in your hands if you want to change your perspective. It is your responsibility. Otherwise you can stay tunnel-vision and avoid acceptance of other point of views. Ask your personal trainer in Richmond on tips of how to change your perspective on different subjects. 

Your work rate 

Your discipline and how hard you work is completely up to you. It is in your hands to determine how much work you produce. It can either be how fast you work or the quality of work you can produce; or both! 

Personally, there are days when I just don’t feel like working. However I quickly realize that there are many goals that I have not achieved yet. Moments later I find myself “supercharged” and get myself right back on the work horse. I refuse to stop working until I have achieved every one of my goals. 

Your gratitude 

I saved this one at the very end because it is simply the easiest but hardest one to do. It is hard because we are not all where we want to be. We will then blame the things we don’t have or things our parents could not give us. Blaming is very easy to do. 

Why not be thankful? Be thankful that you are ALIVE. Be thankful that you have a home, clean water and friends. 

Until next time, 

Coach Marco 

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