hi I’m Dennet I’m the perpetual fitness
expert I help you start a new fitness
routine so you can keep it up for the
rest of your life so part two part two
because I know people gonna say how it
is working out every day make you make
you two days younger so again does the
science really matter to some people it
does but I feel logic is not the driver
again it’s always a motion right how
would you feel how much different would
your life be if you felt and looked
decades younger when you’re decades
older that is the driver not the science
not the logic but I’ll drop some on you
anyway again the ultimate premature a
juror is stress it is stress what
distress do when you are stressed your
score your cortisol that’s a hormone
go through the roof when your cortisol
is high you aged man gray hairs you
don’t feel good you can’t sleep your
bodies hold on to fat like a sponge so
again it makes you gain weight gain fat
easier and it makes you age but when you
work out there’s a couple things that
happen one you get the natural endorphin
rush two you get to release that
negative energy right you can’t stop bad
days from happening right problems
happen all the time so what you do have
is a choice of a how you react to that
again you want to respond actually not
react how you respond to something that
happens to you again the fight-or-flight
thing I talked about another video and
do you turn that negative energy into
something positive if you workout you
have all that pent-up energy you can
release it and have a positive use for
that energy but if you go home with that
feeling what happens it’s sitting you it
lingers that vibration that frequency
all that energy you usually end up
taking out on those closest to you so
when you work out forget the physical
benefits you all know the physical
benefits about heart rate blood pressure
muscle mass fat loss forget that stuff
think of the hormones I’m talking about
think of the mental stability and mental
relaxation you get people think working
out is not enjoyable it’s because
they’re looking at the wrong way and
they usually are either a impatient for
results or be putting intensity before
consistency if you put consistency first
take intensity and throw it out and if
focus on longevity and focus on
anti-aging as opposed to transformations
you will learn to enjoy working out and
then when you start looking and feeling
then it just snowballs right some people
say the rich get richer and that’s why
the fit get fitter sometimes the rich
and the theater get both and who doesn’t
want that
right who does want to be wealthy and
fit and young I am trying to pass onto
you guys reasons to get all of that I’m
gonna talk about later about the
correlation between health and wealth
but that’ll be another video because I
don’t get distracted here we’re here
three minutes but you need to work out
every day
so if you are not working out yet and
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alright that’s it

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