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How to take COACHING and criticism PROPERLY

There are countless ways to improve at a sport or anything in life really. It is the ability to learn from mistakes and use those lessons to improve in the future. Remember that it is absolutely acceptable to make mistakes; just don’t make the same mistakes too many times. Sometimes we cannot even see how our mistakes, thus we require coaching in order to guide us to a better player or self. 

Perhaps the word “mistake” is not the best word in this case. A better wording would be ‘how can we take our current skills and abilities, and upgrade them’? That is the real question. This is where coaching comes in. 

Coaching can come from a variety of sources. It could come from coaches, captains, teammates, opponents (this could be tricky) and from you. Any of these, or combination, can help you become a better person and/or player. Coaching is GOOD, but it can only be good if you can absorb it in the right way. This article will break down how to fully utilize your coaching. Ask your personal trainer in Richmond on the benefits of coaching. 

Listen and absorb the comments 

The first step is technically the easiest but can also be difficult. Step number one: just LISTEN. You don’t need to do anything. Listen and take in the coaching comments. See what he or she is saying. Maybe it is helpful. Maybe it’s not, but you won’t know until you listen. 

Take in and absorb their comments. Is it about a specific technique or form? Is it about strategy? What exactly are they trying to say? 

I am a competitive dodgeball player and within the game there are countless strategies and numerous throwing techniques. Often times I have teammates who give me feedback about my game. First and foremost, I don’t do anything – I just simply listen. I don’t even need to make any adjustments; I just listen. You can’t improve if you don’t take in any new information.  

Look and reflect from an objective angle 

We all have egos – whether it is big or small, we have them. Some times when our system detects something that could be potentially harmful we would reject it. The same concept goes for our egos. If we detect a negative or critical comment, our system will automatically reject it – it is just how our system works. 

This is where the pros are separated from the amateurs. They are able to look at the criticism from an objective point of view. They take themselves out of the picture and apply the criticism to the athlete. This way they eliminate any egos or protection mechanisms they may have. This is the key to improvement in sport. 

Ask your personal trainer in Richmond on coaching cues. 

Try it first 

The ego definitely gets in the way of this one. The moment we hear a criticism or some sort of constructive coaching, our first reaction is to reject it. Why? Because it’s a change in our form or play style. No one likes change and it takes effort for the system to make this adjustment – so the easy way out is to reject it. 

But hold on here! Why don’t we give it a try first? It could be helpful. It may improve your game. It may give you new insights on strategies. Instead of rejecting it right off the bat, why not try it first? 

You have nothing to lose when you give it a try. If anything or if it flops, it just didn’t work – and the person giving the criticism is incorrect. That’s it! You have not lost anything. Ask your personal trainer in Richmond on the “nothing to lose” attitude. 

Give it try. If it doesn’t work – no big deal. 


Don’t be afraid to say no – but be able to back it up 

A lot of the time, we try to please people because we don’t know how to say no. If it simply does not work for you, just say no. However, you must be able to have a reason behind it. Let them know that the adjustment won’t work because of X reason. 

Otherwise it simply looks like you brushed them off. This will make you look arrogant. 

Until next time, 

Coach Marco

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