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Well first of all, let’s start with what are jitters. Jitters is a sudden feeling of nervousness that may be accompanied by feelings of uneasiness, hunger, anxiousness, or even dizziness. During this stage it will be very hard to concentrate and you may feel shaky. Now there are many reasons that may contribute to jitters: not having enough carbohydrates before workout, working out too hard that depleted the carbohydrate reserves, too much caffeine, dehydration, changing body positions too fast especially from lying to sitting or standing causing sudden drop in blood pressure, too much alcohol, and maybe even some medical conditions as well. The most common reasons for jitters at the gym or fitness facility such as the Richmond Crux Fitness Personal Training Studio is probably the low blood sugar resulting from working out too hard or not having enough carbohydrates before the workout.

This is why many people take a pre-workout before exercise as most pre-workouts contain some amounts of carbohydrate to help ensure less likely occurrence of jitters as well as give you more energy during workouts. Just make sure you can tolerate the amount of caffeine in those pre-workouts as too much caffeine could also cause jitters! Preferably pick a pre-workout with less caffeine!

Having a protein bar or snack bar on hand during exercises might be a good idea, as carbohydrates should be able to fight off the jitters once they are absorbed by your system should the jitters be due to energy depletion whether due to fasting for too long or working out too hard. If you are feeling the jitters definitely let a personal trainer at the fitness facility such as Richmond Crux Fitness know right a way and stop exercising until the jitters have been taken care of.

Now if your jitters or dizziness is due to a medical condition please consult your doctor or other healthcare professionals to make sure you are cleared to exercise and have an action plan in place whether with rescue medications or non-medication methods to help calm the jitters should they happen when you are exercising at a fitness facility such as the Richmond Crux Fitness Personal Training Studio!
It is always important to keep hydrated, as dehydration can cause a myriad of unwanted effects on the body, and is especially common when you push hard at the gym in hot weathers. Make sure you always have a water bottle of some sort on hand and drink liberally to replenish the water your body is using up to cool down your body in the form of sweat during exercise!

Working out while under the effects of alcohol or anything that impairs the coordination is not recommended as they not only increase the risk for injuries (which none of us want!) but also may lead to higher chance of jitters occurring! Make sure you are all sobered up and have enough energy before hitting the gym, take a pre-workout or snack if you have to!

Sometimes when we get up too fast especially from a lying down position to a standing or sitting one or standing up too fast from sitting position the blood pressure in our body can’t adapt fast enough and this can result in a sudden drop in blood pressure leading to dizziness and weakness! If you have any heart conditions, if you are pregnant, under certain blood pressure medications, alcohol, dehydration, certain other medical conditions, and even hot weather might put you at a higher risk to experience this! So make sure to stop exercising if you experience any dizziness or jitters until it has calmed down and change positions of lying, sitting, and standing slowly if possible if you know you are prone to experience this type of jitters or dizziness.

To sum up, do the following things should help minimize the risk of jitters/dizziness at the workout!

1. Keep hydrated always, bring those water bottles! Multiple if you must!

2. Make sure you are cleared for exercise and have an action plan (medication or non-medication methods) in case it happens if you are prone to experience this!

3. Have some carbohydrates before and perhaps even right after exercise to make sure you have enough energy! Always have some with you at the workout in case!

4. Limit the amount of caffeine intake

5. Make sure you are sober for the workout, in fact, less alcohol the better!

6. Change positions with lying, sitting, and standing slower if you are prone to dizziness

7. If you experience jitters or dizziness STOP exercising and pushing yourself and let the staff or trainer at the fitness facility know right away to make sure steps are taken to calm the jitters and dizziness!

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