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How to Have a More Efficient Workout

By December 17, 2018 No Comments

We all have those days where we are just tight on time for training. Credits to those who still made it to
the gym for training, but how can we make our training even more efficient? Below are a few tips to
make training done more efficiently.

1. Put down your phone.

Try this: don’t use your phone for the entire training period. Take away: stop texting and/or scrolling
through social media. Many people tend to do this during their rest period. Without knowing, their rest
periods get longer and longer without needing the excess time. A personal trainer in Richmond will not
allow you to use your phone during a training session.

2. Time your rest periods.

Majority of people will rest until they “think” they have recovered for the next set. Often they
overestimate how much rest they need. If it is a heavy lift, you only need a rest period of 1.5 minutes to
2 minutes. If it is an accessory lift, you only need up to 1.5 minutes. A personal trainer in Richmond will
keep these rest periods timed.

3. Use supersets.

This type of training puts two exercises back-to-back before allowing you to rest. The famous Arnold
Schwarznegger used this method and referred his to Antagonist training. This method refers to training
opposing muscle groups. You can pair a back exercise with a chest exercise then perform both before
allowing yourself to rest. This way, you hit both muscle groups before you rest.

Be sure to reach out to a personal trainer in Richmond if you are looking to get into the best shape of
your life!

By Personal Trainer Marco Ng