hi I’m Dennet I’m the perpetual fitness
expert I help you start a new fitness
routine so you can keep it up for the
rest of your life now today we’re gonna
talk about stress stress is a killer
stress it’s probably the worst thing in
your life I just to me stress is more
serious than cancer and I think it’s
more serious because people don’t think
of it they just learn to live with it
please learn to live with it if you
think it what stress does to your body
if you think it what stress does to your
mind if you think it’s what stress does
to your aging process to everything what
it does to your relationships and how
many people suffer from stress a man
cancer ain’t got a chance against that
so stress affects everybody’s lives and
for most people most of their lives now
here’s the thing about stress the thing
that I always find interesting about
stress is a lot of people feel it’s
physical but it’s not it’s actually all
psychological even if you’re put under
physical duress most of the time that’s
still psychological whenever you’re
under stress whenever you’re suffering
is if it’s usually from either memory in
the past or is from your imagination
it’s from something that either hasn’t
happened yet or might not ever happen
like whenever I see someone getting
stressed they’re either talking about to
put it another way whenever I hear
anyone’s talking about stress they’re
talking about something not happening
now something that happened earlier may
be minutes hours or days ago or if
they’re anxious there’s the evil
something that may not happen or hasn’t
even happened yet or they’re getting
ahead of themselves they’re not in the
present moment so again stress doesn’t
really exist we created it does not it
does not exist we manifest it and make
it real okay so once you realize that
and you know what even when he talked
about suffering and stress and all this
coming from the past or the memory I
said so sorry it’s actually still part
of your imagination because a lot of
times we still make it we we go through
it it’s memory first but then our memory
we can’t trust our memory our memory
changes things right so then it’s really
imagination again
so that means suffering again there’s
all imagination if you think about it
forget even memory cuz if you think of
things you remember it’s usually not
exactly the way that you think it is
right that’s the thing you have to
realize that as well now what does this
all have to do with fitness
the best way the ultimate way the only
way to remove stress is to silent
silence all the noise in your head
silence see we all have about a hundred
thousand thoughts in our head and
probably like ninety thousand of them
are the same you need time alone that’s
why it’s good to go out in nature go for
walks or what I think the best thing to
do is go exercise outside or just
exercise silence the thoughts in your
head give yourself time to come down
because the stress in you is caused from
the noise in your head silence those
voices I mean forget even the
physiological benefits of working out
right I’m just talking about the
psychological because obviously when you
do work out there’s physical benefits
and blood levels and hormones but forget
that the psychological is what I want to
focus more on right I think some people
focus too much of fitness on the
physical benefits which are great but
the psychological emotional and
spiritual benefits are much more much
more important in my opinion the
physical benefits are all bonuses and
those come anyway those come anyway what
serves you more in life right looking
good or feeling good feeling good will
serve you many more than looking good
yes they feed off one another but think
about it so one more thing about working
out every day perpetual fitness with
stress if in your day things go wrong
and they will a lot of the times if you
do not work out all that negative energy
inside of you you take it home you take
it home and you carry it with you the
rest of the day or evening or even worse
you spread it to your loved ones right
take that negative energy and turn it
into something positive go to the gym
and get rid of it all get rid of it all
go back home and you’ll be much more at
peace go for a walk in nature silence
the voices in your head work out
everyday alright so if that resonated
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I do videos like this every day if you
are still not working out at all like
zero times a week after listening to
even just 10 of these videos you gotta
watch more of these videos and just
start taking action there’s no reason
not to do it anymore if you are not
happy if you are if you don’t have the
finances you want if you do not have the
body you want if you are stressed if
there’s any suffering in your life
it’s because not working out everyday is
a big cause of that I’m telling you so
there’s no reason just start that’s it
I’m out

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