Whether you are a pro-level athlete, recreational player or an active individual, we all enjoy the thrill of sports. We, me included, are all playing to win. To compete you must play. But as with all sports, there are chances of injury. Some sports are more intense and may have higher chances of injury. 

So what happens when you get injured? This article will break down the steps that you need to take in order to deal with the injury and return to your sport as soon as possible. 

But some backstory first! I am a competitive dodgeball player. In this sport, you are performing a wide range of movements from throwing and catching, to running and jumping. The more different and intense these movements are, the higher rate of injury is. 

This past week I have suffered what is called an oblique strain. It is simply a damaged muscle from wear and tear. The oblique is approximately a hand-width left-and-right from your belly button. My injury specifically is caused from repetitive throwing and torqueing of the body. It feels like a stiff rod is jammed in your sides. It hurts to cough and laugh; and is quite painful when you sneeze. Ask your personal trainer in Richmond about an oblique strain. 

So what do we do? 

Acknowledge it 

Face it head on. This is a very important first step because it does not help the injury if you sit and mourn about it. Realize that you cannot undo the past. Realize that you may need to take some time off in the near future from the sports. And realize that you have COMPLETELY CONTROL over how fast you can recovery. 

Many people will get stuck into their own box and play victim at this point. Thoughts will run wild in their head such as “why me?” or “I trained very hard in the off season, how did this happen”. Get OUT of this box! You do not want to be here. Face it head on. It is an injury. The procedure is simple: recover and play again. 

Look at your options 

What is your plan of attack with this injury? Are you going to see your family doctor, physiotherapist or naturopath? How are you going to fix this? 

Getting information is crucial at this point. In order to make a GOOD decision, you must have information and options. You need to know what you are dealing with and you need to have multiple of solutions. From here, pick the one that best aligns with your needs and morals. 

In my case, I asked a chiropractor for his recommendations as well as a massage therapist for what he recommends. I did my research online understand this injury in detail. I asked other players and teammates if they have gone through similar injuries and what their solutions were to fix it. Ask your personal trainer in Richmond about different solutions to an injury. 

Take MASSIVE action  

This is where you put in the work to fix the injury. After you have decided the best option, go get the treatment. Re-arrange your work schedule to accommodate this. Organize your budget so you are able to afford the treatment. Do whatever it takes for this treatment to go well. 

If you are making the “bare minimum” for physiotherapy (for example), then the recovery quality will just be “bare minimum”. For example, if the physiotherapist recommends you to do your exercises 2 – 5 times per week and you are doing it only 2 times, then you are skimping out on the results. In contrast, if you are going “all-out” with the treatment, you should expect some great results. Ask your personal trainer in Richmond on how to take massive action. 

Rinse and Repeat 

There is no other easier way. Do not try to find a quick fix or any “secret” to it. It is simply finding what works and hammering at it until your body adapts to it. The body is a self-healing organism; it will recover. But how fast you can jump back in your game is in your hands. 

Until next time, 

Coach Marco 

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