How do you lose weight?  Lose fat?  Gain muscle?  Well, just learn from someone who has done it!

Personal trainer, Gage, has lost over 100 lbs and gained 45 lbs of muscle.  Personal trainer Min-ju has gained 30 lbs of muscle to go from skinny to having muscle and strength.

People are constantly looking for weight loss tips, weight loss diets, weight loss drinks, weight loss motivation etc… But there is really only one real way to do it. That is by changing your behaviour.

This sounds simple, but it is not easy. Crux Fitness ( personal trainer, Gage, lost over 100 lbs by adapting fitness as his lifestyle. And along the way, started making better and healthier eating choices.

Fitness training and working out is a big part of it to build muscle, gain strength and become healthy over all.

Gage, 23, has teamed up with Min-ju, 40, to go through a series of exercises to stay motivated as well as exploring the boundaries of his own fitness journey.

Min-ju is the owner and founder of Crux Fitness, he is turning 40 this year and has not been able to train as hard and as consistently as he would like to.

Teaming up with Gage is just the motivation and the kick in the behind that he needed to aim for a higher level of fitness.

In this video, Gage and Min-ju tackles the shoulder.

Min-ju freely admits that the shoulder muscle group has always been one of his many weaknesses. Due to his background of growing up playing sports, martial arts, and rock climbing. Min-ju has always had nagging injuries and tightness in his shoulders.

The funny thing about the shoulder is that if you don’t train it properly and avoid strengthening it in fear of injury, it actually makes it worse.

The best way is to strengthen and grow those shoulder muscles.

The shoulder girdle is a very weak join in the human body, and the best way to strengthen it to have bigger and stronger muscles is to both directly train the shoulder, or the deltoids muscle, but also to train the upper back, the rhomboids, and scapular movement.

Barbell overhead press. This is the big, power move. Using a barbell to do shoulder presses is great for building bigger power and more strength. Usually done as the first of a series of exercises.

Landmine Eccentric Shoulder Press: This is a great way to activate the core in the half kneeling position for added core, abs, strengthening effect. The forward pressing position is also great for those who might be suffering from shoulder impingements or tightness. The focus on the eccentric phase of the movement creates lots of tension in the shoulder, deltoids, muscle to further stimulate muscle growth and strength.

Lateral Shoulder Raise with External Rotation. This is a must do for better shoulder health and mobility. Make sure to use a lighter weight so you can smoothly perform the external rotation at the top to activate the rotator cuffs.

Reverse Dumbbell Fly. This is one of the most important exercise for training the shoulder. It focuses on connecting the deltoids, shoulder muscle with the upper back muscles to create a strong and healthy back. Make sure to do as much of these as possible at lower weight and higher volume. This is great for injury prevention.

The more muscle you can build, the more weight loss, fat loss results you will see.


➡️Here is a great barbell to do those shoulder presses:

➡️Need a landmine for the landmine press? here is a great one:


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