Have you ever had that weekend where it was a drinks and tapas with buddies on Saturday, then a family wedding on Sunday? All that food consumed. More than not the food is calorie dense and not the healthiest food. 

Relax! We have all been there and I know it may not be the best feeling when you have ate so much. So what do you do? How do you BOUNCE BACK from it? Remember, making mistakes is never the problems – it’s how you recover from it. In this article I break down a couple of mindset shifts that will help you jump past the “bad eating” hurdle. Ask your personal trainer in Richmond what to do to recover from a weekend of bad eating. 

Be grateful because of it. Enjoy it! 

Take this moment to remember how much fun you had when you had drinks with your friends. Remember how good the food was at the wedding? Enjoy it! These are happy events and you should take in 100% of it. Create memories of it. Don’t shut it down because it didn’t align with your goals. Be happy about it. 

Be grateful you have these events to go to. Be grateful you have friends and family that you are able to spend quality time with. Be grateful you are able to indulge in delicious food and drinks. You are most likely much more fortunate than others to be able to have these experiences, so have a good time! 

Don’t shame yourself

This one is probably the most important – do not beat yourself up over it! Yes, I get it. It wasn’t the best weekend for eating and it may even halted your progress towards your fitness goals. What’s done is done and you cannot un-do the past. What you should not do is punish yourself. Please do not go run 10 miles because you had a piece of chocolate cake. Exercise is a CELEBRATION of what our bodies can do; not what we ate. Keep your head high and hop past that hurdle. HOWEVER, you can take control with what you do in the near future. Ask your personal trainer in Richmond if they go to the gym to recover from a bad day of eating. 

Jump back on the train on Monday 

Saturday was bad. Sunday was bad. How about Monday? Monday still has not happened yet! You are completely 100% in control what happens on Monday. Jump back on your progress the next day. Again, it’s not whether you made the mistake or not; or even how severe the mistake is – but it is how you RECOVER from it. You have complete control. Take it and hammer out the specifics for you to get back on track. Do not live in the past. It is a very dangerous place. Learn from it and take the lessons into your next week with your head held high. 

Give your 100% in your next meal prep

There is someone else that you have 100% complete control over: your individual effort. If you really felt guilty about the weekend; first, don’t be – secondly, make sure you are on par with your meal prep. Be extra cautious of how you prepare your meals. Be even more specific on how you portion your foods. Double check your calculations to determine if you are on track towards your goals. Are you taking the most efficient route? Check that! You are in the driver seat. You have 100% control. Ask your personal trainer in Richmond on any meal prepping tips. 

It is a LONGEVITY process

One weekend of bad eating will not kill your progress. Two weekends with bad eating will not kill your progress. Consistent weekend after weekend of poor eating choices MIGHT kill your progress. The point here is your fitness goal is a long term thing. Look at your journal as a really big picture. A weekend of weddings and drinks, which is very small, will not set your progress back (that much). The key here is longevity – it is long term. Relax. It will all work out. 


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