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Group Personal Training Sessions

Group Personal Training

Have you scoured the Lower Mainland in hopes of finding a program that can make your workout enjoyable while achieving successful weight loss results? Crux Fitness is ready to take you on!

Crux Fitness’ semi-private training in Richmond is the most effective fat and weight loss program for many people out there, including you! The friendships you make and support you get from training with a group will spur you on to achieve even more incredible weight loss results that make you look forward to your workout!

Enjoy the rush of training at Richmond’s leading personal training studio alongside others with similar fitness and weight loss goals.

You all want one thing: to improve your fitness! What better way than to be accompanied by a handful of fun-loving people who all want to become fitter, stronger and more attractive? Experience the rush with like-minded individuals and benefit from the camaraderie that semi-private training Crux Fitness has to offer!

The dedicated fitness professionals at Crux Fitness will thoroughly assess your progress as you begin your fitness journey towards improved health, decreased heart disease and increased energy! We carefully modify your customized training program to ensure that the exercises you do as the group are still targeted towards your specific weight loss goals.

Never fail at losing weight again

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You benefit from the support and motivation of the group while pushing your own limits and getting phenomenal results each and every session! Crux Fitness wants you to succeed in achieving your fitness potential, and you can do it among friends.

These fun but intensive programs are proven to be a strong positive influence on how well our clients perform. With others to push you to perform better than you can push yourself, motivate you when you think you can’t, and best of all, congratulate you when you succeed, reaching and exceeding your fitness goals will be that much more fulfilling!