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Grading Scheme of an Ankle Injury

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Many of us have rolled our ankles before, whether it is from sports or stepping off a curb. The feeling of it is not a good one. It is an aching pain that irritates our ankle every time we put weight on it. Majority of ankle sprains occur on the outer edge of the ankle but some may occur on the inner side. A scheme of three grades is often used to describe an ankle sprain. A personal trainer in Richmond can describe this grading scheme.

Grade 1 sprain

This is considered a mild ankle sprain. It is described as a slight stretching and microscopic tearing of ligament fibres. You may also see and feel swelling and tenderness around the ankle. Walking is generally not a problem but may be slight discomfort. It will typically take two to four weeks of recovery to regain full mobility and for swelling to fully resolve. A Crux Fitness personal trainer in either our Richmond, Cloverdale, or Walnut Grove location can look for symptoms when there is a grade 1 sprain.

Grade 2 sprain

This is considered a moderate ankle sprain. It is described as partial tearing of the ligament. The swelling and tenderness has progressed from grade 1. If the doctor or physiotherapist moves the ankle in a certain direction, there can be an abnormal looseness in the ankle joint. It will typically take six to eight weeks for recovery.

Grade 3 sprain

This is considered a severe ankle sprain. It is described as complete tear of the ligament. Here there is significant and obvious swelling and tenderness around the ankle joint. There are multiple factors in determining the recovery time for a grade 3 sprain. In the case that a surgery is required, recovery is typically between 12 weeks to six months. A walking boot during the early phases of immobilization may be required. Our personal trainers in all 3 of our locations, Richmond Gym, Cloverdale, and Walnut Grove, would recommend against exercising during a grade 3 sprain.

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