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Getting Back Into Meal Prep Season

This may not be something you want to hear, but January is pretty much at our doorstep and it’s time to kick back into our regular routines. Right now your fridge may be stocked with all the goodies, but we can make it work!

First off, I don’t want you to kick yourself into high gear and shove all of the holiday leftovers into your mouth so that you can finish it sooner. We can actually start practicing by portioning out what you have left – yes even the mac and cheese!

The easiest thing you can do for yourself right now is moderating your portion control. I personally find it quite difficult to get back into “regular old boring diet food,” as people like to call it, after a week of eating grandma’s special dishes. So why stop now? However, let’s start by dialling in the portions

If you have any delicious sauces or dressings left over from the holiday season, USE IT! I absolutely love using sauces or the leftover gravy to put over my regular meals to ease myself back in to my regular eating.

I have three rules when it comes to healthy eating habits.

  1. Find balance in your diet
  2. How does it make you feel
  3. Stop feeling guilty

Finding Balance In Your Diet

I honestly couldn’t care less about the exact number of calories that I am eating. Finding a balance in my diet is going to naturally help you regulate the amount of food that you eat because your body is nutritionally satisfied.

For example, I can crush a bag of chips EASILY and yet I still feel hungry and need a meal afterwards. Why? Because these are empty calories that does not satisfy what my body is actually looking for.

However, I make a bowl of oats with chia seeds and a scoop of protein and suddenly I can’t finish it because it’s “too filling.”  This is nuts, am I right? The volume of an entire bag of chips is roughly the equivalent to three of the same bowl that I am using for my oats!

I know that YOU know what the healthy foods are to find your balance 🙂

How Does It Make You Feel?

What I choose to eat is based a lot on how I feel. I mean, it really is a no brainer. Here are some questions I like to ask myself after I eat something:

Am I bloated?

What is my energy level?

Do I need to take a nap?

Does my stomach hurt?

Do I feel nauseous?

Should I be eating this?

If most of these answers are negative, I know that I should stay away from these foods. This is your body’s way of telling you when it is something it doesn’t need.

For example, if you are bloated after eating that peach cobbler- your body is having trouble digesting it or it is causing an imbalance in your body and that is why you are having water retention.

Stop Feeling Guilty

Never ever deny yourself anything and definitely don’t beat yourself up for indulging once in a while! The more you pressure yourself to achieve a “perfect diet” the less it is going to work in your favour. Just give yourself the OK and have SOME.

I know that if you read this all the way until the end, you will be GREAT! Now lets get prepping 🙂

If you’d like to know more about, and start taking responsibility for your own health, fitness, and wellness, please reach out to Crux Fitness Richmond for any of your personal training needs.

Until next time!
– Clara Coelho, Personal Trainer at Crux Fitness Richmond

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