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Game Over Start Over and Get Results Now

By February 21, 2018August 21st, 2018No Comments

We all need to ride the “Motivational Wave”. The surge of high action energy that courses through you when particular times of the year comes around.

Such as New Years, summer beach body, your upcoming reunion etc…

As much as we love to make fun of the influx of the “New Year, New Me” crowd at your local gym every January (you know, the ones that disappears within 3 weeks), I have found these type of seasonal urges to be a great tool. You see, I have been on both ends of the extreme.

I used to LOVE making new year resolutions, it gave me a sense of rebirth and excitement that is required to take massive action towards bettering my life. Until that excitement wears off and leaving me with the void of unfulfilled promises and shattered dreams.

The cynic in me took over after a few years of such disappointment, and I became one of those who would scoff at the idea of making new year’s resolutions:

“What new year’s resolution? Why should it make a difference, it is just another day on the freaking calendar!”

“If you are serious enough about making changes, take action now and don’t wait!”

I would shake my head in disapproval and roll my eyes. Until one day while walking around at a local Best Buy, I wandered into the video gaming section and all of my childhood memories came rushing back.

I remembered the late nights of trying to get the fastest laps on the track of a Super Mario Kart course. And the hours I spent trying to obtain all the greatest secret weapons in a Final Fantasy game.

Whenever I screwed up, all I had to do was reset and start over. Eventually after starting over enough times, I would finally achieve my goal.

Your new year’s resolution gives you that opportunity to hit reset and start over. It is such a simple and refreshing way to look at things.

It is all in your mind, you can reset and start over as many times as you want and eventually you will achieve your goal.

I don’t care if 95% of the people who hit the gym in January drops off the face of the earth within the first 3 weeks. At least the 5% changed their lives!

And as long as the other 95% keeps on hitting the reset button and starting over and not quit, they will always have the chance to become part of the 5%.

The lessons I learned as a young pimple faced juvenile playing video games finally sunk in after all these years.

Life gets a hold of us and our current situation drains our imagination. We fall into an almost trance like state. New year’s resolution at least gives you a chance to snap out of the trance once a year and gives you a chance to hit reset and start over.

You have gotta ask yourself this question, “If I can start over and design my body, my life, right this very moment, how would I want to live?”

Think about this question long and hard, hit reset, and start over.

Remember, you can start over as many times as you want.

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