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Fitness Will End Things In Your Life!! Here Are 5 of Them 


That’s right! You heard me! Fitness will end things in your life! Once you enter the world of continuous weight lifting, cardio training, and stretching  Well for the better anyways. 


There will be no more of those cravings for those sugary foods, no more feeling like a potato and sleeping until 2pm in the afternoon on the weekends. It will eliminate all those bad habits and set you up for success. As soon as I kept up my fitness lifestyle, I was able to get rid of many bad habits and made myself more productive. 


Here are 5 bad habits that fitness helped me get rid of.


Sleeping through the day

I’m sure some of you can relate when I mention sleeping throughout the day, especially on the weekends. I remember those times when I said I wanted a few more minutes of sleep on those Saturday mornings. Then those few minutes turn into an hour, then two hours, and before I knew it was 2pm. I sure felt productive during those days…  Now that I’ve committed to working out more often, I wake up early in the morning even on weekends to kill it with a good workout. After my morning workouts everyday, I feel much more productive and I feel like accomplished something for the day.



Some of you are probably thinking, won’t exercising make you more tired than usual. For me this isn’t necessarily the case. After a good workout, I feel all the toxic chemicals have been released through the sweat. Therefore I feel really refreshed. Also, the adrenaline rush gives me energy for the day. 


Lack of Motivation

We usually lack motivation because we don’t have any goals to work towards, making us feel very lost and burnt out. When we do more exercise, we accomplish something just by making it to the gym to exercise. Then we feel even more accomplished when we finish that last rep during certain exercises. For myself, I challenge myself to perform the more complex exercises or lift more weight. If I can perform that rep, I feel more motivated to do anything as I achieve more goals. 


Lack of Confidence

We will gain more confidence as we make accomplishments. This goes back to motivation. Throughout this journey, we will make those small accomplishments by making it to the gym and gradually lifting more weight. As we feel more accomplished, we will get the feeling of being able to achieve anything. That capability is the thing that builds our confidence. I know because I feel like a much stronger person physically and mentally after all the workouts I’ve went through in my life. 


Your Ugliness

Many of us aren’t satisfied with our bodies because we think we’re either too fat or too skinny. Well it’s not the physical aspect that we need to get rid of, it’s the mental aspect of how we view ourselves. As we gradually achieve those small goals and we will build that confidence. Then we can look at ourselves in the mirror and tell ourselves and say we’re awesome. Our bodies will gradually get slimmer and pack on some muscles, but those aren’t the true goals. They’re the byproducts as rewards for taking on the difficult tasks to improve ourselves.


Remember Stay Strong! Until Next Time.


  • Trainer Keric