Min-ju and Gage of Crux Fitness are back at it again, this time doing a FULL ON fat burning and muscle building workout using just ONE tire.

Crux Fitness is the best personal training company in the Lower Mainland are of British Columbia, Canada:


Fitness is about behaviour modification, it is about adapting and falling in love with a lifestyle.

Once you do that, then the fat loss, the weight loss, the muscle gain, all of that will come as a result of your change in behaviour.

One of the best ways to keep fitness fun is to try new things. And that is what we have set out to do! We are testing out some exercises that we have not done before, combining it with some old exercises that we know are effective, and creating a workout routine based on using just one huge ass, heavy tire 🙂

Oh the things that we do for love LOL.

So let’s see what we got!

Exercise 1: Tire front squat

Exercise 2: Tire leg press

Exercise 3: Tire chest press

To be continued next week…
Min-ju and Gage put these exercises to the test and had a great, sweat filled training session.

The challenge this week is to see who can use their powerful legs and generate more force to jump on to high boxes.

Find out who wins!

The more muscle you can build, the more weight loss, fat loss results you will see.

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➡️Here is a great barbell to do those shoulder presses: https://amzn.to/2NWItas

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