Training the chest is probably my favorite thing to do! When I start a workout and if I am unsure what I should be training that day, I would gravitate towards chest exercises lol.

Training the chest is probably something that most guys have done at some point in life. There is something about filling up the upper portion of our torso, having that “superhero” look that appeals to us.

The fact is, ANY reason, ANY motivation that would get you to want to exercise is a good thing!

Fitness is a lifelong journey that requires commitment, and fighting through the ups and downs. That is why having FUN while doing it is such a critical component to your success.

There are a lot of different fitness goals that one can have. Lose weight, lose fat, get stronger, gain muscle, correct posture, rehab injuries. The list can go on and on and on.

But the common thread is that we are ALL looking for daily progression and improvement.

We are not willing to settle for mediocre. We want to be the best versions of ourselves.

Training the chest for a 20 year old might be just for looks and for vanity. But training the chest for a 40 year old becomes a thing of pride.

That the gut should not be sticking out more than the chest!

In this video. Min-ju, the founder of Crux Fitness.


Joins Gage, a personal trainer who has lost over 100 lbs, for an epic chest workout.

And at the end, they go head to head and see who wins the final chest challenge.

Exercise 1:

Flat Barbell Bench Press. This is THE staple chest exercise. And it is also the benchmark of your pushing strength. Safety is the number 1 thing when performing this exercise. Always make sure to have either a spotter, or have the safety rail guards in place. If you are not able to have either, then make sure to NOT have the weight collars on, so if you get trapped under the bar, you can easily slide the weights off. In this particular session, we recommend doing 4 sets of 8 reps to focus on strength and stimulate muscle growth.

Exercise 2:
Incline bench dumbbell chest press. This is a variation that hits the upper chest and the shoulders a bit more than the previous exercise. This is a great complimentary exercise that still works the big muscles, and the varied angle creates brand new ways for the body to engage and activate the muscles for further strength gain and muscle growth. We recommend adding 3 sets of 10.

Exercise 3:
Banded dumbbell fly. This is a beginner friendly exercise. By using the resistance band, we are able to use a light weight dumbbell to avoid unnecessary stress on the tendon and the shoulder joint, but allowing maximum tension at the top of the movement, making it much much more effective as a chest exercise. Perform 3 sets of 15.

Exercise 4:
1 set of weighted pushup dropset to failure. Using this strategically as a finisher, it really helps stimulate and activate all the muscles to the max at the end of the session.

The more muscle you can build, the more weight loss, fat loss results you will see.


➡️Here is a great barbell to do those shoulder presses:

➡️Need a landmine for the landmine press? here is a great one: