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End of January! Give Up On Your New Year’s Resolutions?


As we reach the end of January, most of us are probably giving up on our new year’s resolutions if you haven’t already. This is a common endless cycle that happens every year. Everyone brags to all their friends on social media or in person about making these big New Year’s resolutions, but never ending up sticking to them. Especially in fitness.


Aren’t you tired of repeating this endless cycle? It happens OVER and OVER AGAIN! YEAR AFTER YEAR! Forget about your resolutions, ask yourself this; Do even make goals that you can achieve on a regular basis? Even the smallest goals like going to the gym on a particular day. Achieving your goals is not one thing, it’s a habit. So FORGET about your NEW YEAR”S RESOLUTIONS. You won’t be able to change because of these factors:


You Victimize Yourself

We’ve all been here. We all have that voice in our heads that always tells us that we’re no good enough. Those negative thoughts like “I’ll never be successful like him or her”, “No one ever acknowledges me ” constantly repeats in our heads. Which causes us to eventually truly believe those words. Therefore, we will never take action to start to work towards something like starting a healthier lifestyle by exercising. We need to surround ourselves with a more positive and supportive environment to help push us to think positively and take more action.


You Don’t Truly Want to Change

Yes that’s right! We don’t actually want to change because we’re comfortable where actually are. I know, I’ve been there. We’re scared of what might happen if we take that step to change. Especially if we fail. We’re scared of losing whatever we currently have. “What if I lose my friends because I don’t spend enough time with them?”, “What if I fail, and everyone laughs at me?”, we may all have thoughts similar to these. But we don’t truly fail unless you give up. Also, we shouldn’t worry about what others think about us because at the end of the day they’re not the ones living our lives. So go ahead and take action to make that change! Take that step into that gym to create a better lifestyle for yourself to create the best version of you! 


Once we get over these factors, there’s nothing we cannot achieve. We need a solution to the source of the problems of giving up on our goals. That needs to be corrected before we can achieve any type of goal. Thus, let’s implement the solutions


Stay Strong Everyone!


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