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Eat Real Food Get Real Weight Loss Results

By February 21, 2018April 8th, 2024No Comments

I grew up in a quaint village of Taiwan called Dragon Well(I know, it doesn’t get any more mystical than that).

Back in the 1980’s, McDonalds was just making it’s way into the country. I still remember what a big deal it was when my mom took me on a 3 hour trip to the capital city of Taipei just so that we can experience this new American style food for the first time. Needless to say, our regular food included eggs from hen’s raised in our very own chicken coop, and also chicken or duck meat killed fresh in our very own backyard. Fruits such as mango and lychee were ripe for the picking on trees all around the farm.

I can still remember how great all the food tasted and how vibrant the colors were. The egg yolks were such a vibrant and deep orange that you would think somebody had put cheese on them by mistake. The eggs came from the chickens that roamed around eating insects all day. You don’t get any fresher than that! Now come to think of it, all of the food that we had were taken straight from the land. None of it was processed. They were all unrefined, natural and fresh. The fruit came from the trees around our humble hut and the eggs came from chickens that roamed the landscape. Nobody that I had ever known growing up were obese or even slightly overweight. They were all lean with a lot of functional strength.

The Secret:Eat Foods Closest to their Natural Source.

Not sure what I mean? Apply the “5 second rule.” Choose a food and ask yourself “Where did this come from?” If it takes you more than 5 seconds to figure it out then it’s not a good choice. And more than likely it’s processed and will create a fat-storing energy depleting mess of your metabolism.

Think about a baked yam versus yam chips. Or fresh mango versus mango sorbet. One will rev your fat burning furnace and the other will wreck it. Apply this secret and reap the rewards. Now of course there is more to just eating the right food, you also need to know the right amount of food to eat based on your requirement in order to put your body into “Fat burning” mode.

If you are unsure how to determine that amount, simply download this handy “How to make a weight-loss meal plan” cheat sheet.

If you need any further help, feel free to email me. I read every email.