hi there my name is Dennet and I am the
perpetual fitness expert, i help people
start a new fitness routine and keep it
up for a lifetime.

what are we going to
talk about today?  today we are going to
talk about perspective.

why? because I believe a lot of people’s
perspective is totally messed up and
what are we gonna do? we’re gonna clear
that up.

and how we’re gonna do it?

with what else? a story.

so a couple years ago I was doing a consult and that this guy
had the same objections that we all know
that we all hear that most of you said,

“I don’t know what to do”

“I can’t afford it”

“I don’t have the time”

I’m like okay I know what to do here.

when he pulled in, I saw he got a nice car, it was a sports
car.  so I  changed the subject to his car

he got all excited, oh yeah, and start telling me all
about it.

so then I lead him to these questions.

I said, Oh what kind of gas does that car

he was like, the gas?  I put 91 octane in there

I said okay, well what kind of oil does it take?

He was like 10w30!

I go how often you take that thing in
for maintenance?

what’s the reliability?

he goes I take that thing in all the time!
probably every six months because I got
it on my calendar, cuz I wanna make sure
that things in top condition!

I’m like okay what’s your blood pressure?

I don’t know

I said what’s your blood type?

I have no idea.

how much did your weight
fluctuated the past year?

I don’t know

I said when’s the last time you saw a

I couldn’t even tell you.

I’m like dude that is messed up!

I go, think about that man. you know
exactly what to do and you can afford it
and you got the time, but you’re taking
care of your car better than your body!

I said how long are you gonna have that car?

he’s like maybe three more years.

I go, you got your body for life!

that’s the only one you got!

you know exactly what to do and
you’re neglecting the most important
thing you’ve got!

but you know how to take care of the car?

man I said your body is the only vehicle you will have
for your life, take care of that first
and then do all the other stuff with
your car! right?

I said at the bare minimum, the bare minimum at least
with your body and treat it the same as
you do your car

at the bare minimum check it that often

I said is that too hard to ask?
just do the same thing!

So for anyone out there that resonated with this

I’m sure there’s a lot of you

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