No, I am not going to tell you to drink water and go for a run. You already know these things! Instead I have three things that I found has worked for me when it came to achieving my fitness goals.

Here are the 3 small things you can do every day to achieve your fitness goals:

  1. Journaling
  2. Workout/Staying Active
  3. Taking A Time Out


I picked journaling first because it plays a key part on developing self awareness and training your subconscious to be more focused on your fitness goals. It’s super easy to put fitness on the back burner and then realize with remorse after you have shovelled a cake into your mouth.

Both men and women can journal. It’s not a sappy dear diary moment that you need to spend 30 minutes talking about a romantic partner.

Journalling can be as simple as answering the same 5 questions every day. Such as:

  1. What is your mood like today?
  2. How does your mood affect your willingness to workout or make healthy dietary choices?
  3. What did you eat today?
  4. Did it make you feel tired/bloated/gassy/gross?
  5. How was your overall day? Did anyone piss you off or were you super happy?

It’s important to avoid situations that make you not want to work out or eat well. Journaling helps you discover these patterns so that you can learn to avoid them. These questions are designed to find out your triggers for situations and certain foods.

Despite how healthy a food can be, if your body reacts poorly to it, STOP EATING IT!

Working out / Staying Active

This is a no brainer! However, this is only to STAY ACTIVE. You absolutely do not need to hit the gym every day. It’s very easy to get lazy and stay lazy when you sit around and be a couch potato. This is just an amazing way for you to keep your brain to stick with moving around.

Here are some ways that would be considered as staying active:

  • Going out for a walk / walking the dog
  • Dancing to your favourite song at home
  • Cleaning the house
  • Stretching
  • Yoga
  • Bike Ride
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Grocery Shopping (IN THE STORE!)
  • Taking & joining your kids at the park

That are just some of the ideas when it comes to staying active. They key is to keep your body MOVING!

Even 5 minutes of physical activity is going to help reduce stress and promote anti-anxiety effects. Which brings me to my next point-

Taking A Time Out

Another key factor is reducing your stress. Stress is probably is the biggest killer of all fitness goals. If you are perpetually strung out, it is easy to fall off the wagon.

Stress can cause:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Poor eating habits (emotional eating)
  • Lots of tension in the body
  • Lack of concentration
  • Slowing down of exercise recovery

This is why you must carve out some time in a day for yourself. It’s easy to forget how quickly the time passes and just push hard until it is time to go to bed. Sleeping by itself is not going to de-stress you. You need to take that time out to decompress with a relaxing or gentle activity that is not too stimulating.

You can try things like:

  • Meditation
  • Read A Book
  • Sit In Nature/Outside
  • Take A Bath
  • Use Aromatherapy
  • Colouring Book
  • Knitting/Crafts

Whatever you choose to do, it does not need to take super long. It can be as little as 5 minutes to an hour. However long that you have time to spare would be perfect towards decompressing. Really truly make it your own quiet time and your body, mind, and soul will thank you for it.

Until next time,
– Clara Coelho, Personal Trainer at Crux Fitness Richmond
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