hi there my name is Dennet and I am a
perpetual fitness expert.  What is that?
I am somebody who gets you to start
working out and never stop again for
the rest of your life.
So why am I telling you not to get a personal
I am telling you not to get a
personal trainer because first you have
to be ready to commit.
I mean really commit.  You can’t go to a personal
trainer and say, I only want one two, or
even ten sessions.
Unless you’re already working out on a consistent basis for
months or years on end.  Sure, then you can
go to a personal trainer learn some new
techniques or exercises.
That’s different.
I’m talking about somebody who’s never done anything or kept it up
long enough.  Getting ten sessions will do
You need to get committed.
Only go to a personal trainer for two reasons.
One: you’re ready to commit to what
they’re going to tell you, and for a long
duration, so they can keep you going.
The second thing you need to do is you
need to make sure you do not ask
excessive questions.
What do I mean by that?  If you ask questions after
questions after questions you’re
eventually gonna talk yourself out of it.
You’re either gonna come up with so many
questions that you’re not going to take
any action at all or you can have so
many questions that you will eventually
find something about that trainer or diet,
whatever you’re looking at and research for, that you don’t like and
then not do it at all.
And you’ll just keep looking for that perfect way.
Let me give you an example. Imagine if before
I go on a trip, I think the destination
Before I commit to that trip, I
need to know how big the plane is, how
many lay overs there are, how long are
the lay overs, well what time are the flights,
Where’s my seat, and it needs to be exactly
where I want to be, I need to like the
food they’re serving, I need to like
the movie they’re showing,
and I will only go on this trip if I get
every single one of those things exactly
the way I wanted.
That trip will never happen!
You will never find a good
trainer who tells you everything you
want to hear.  So the goal, you need to
commit long term, long term!
I would say at least three months.
bare minimum.
Second thing you need to do,
not ask excessive details.
I’ll give you one more example.  Say you go to a movie,
all you need to know is what’s the movie about.
Where is it playing, and what time.
You do not need to know who is the director, who
is the producer, who is the screenwriter
who the cameraman, what happens at the
credits, what happens at the intro, what’s
the plot twist, is there swearing in that
movie, if they’re swearing in that movie I
don’t want to watch it.  If there’s nudity
in that movie I don’t want to watch it.
Because if you think about it, every
single movie has at least one thing you
don’t like, and you just say oh well,
if that’s the case I don’t gonna watch the
whole movie.
You don’t know until you’re
already sitting in the movie watching
the whole thing.
You committed by buying
a ticket first knowing only basic
details and then you see it through to
the end.
You go on a trip booking the
destination, the time, and maybe who we are
going with, and that’s it!
You figure out the itinerary after you committed.
Same thing with the trainer.  Commit first
to a long duration and do not ask any
excessive questions.
Personal trainers.
tell me if you agree!  If you agree,
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I’m done
Dennet Lee is the owner of Crux Fitness
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