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The Most Deadly Mistake to Avoid When Starting a Fitness Routine for the First Time

By February 21, 2018December 3rd, 2021No Comments

You want to have a killer body, right?

The type of body that gives you the strength and energy to enjoy life to the fullest, to always be there for your family instead of being a burden. The type that makes all of your friends say, “Damn, how did you get a body like that?”

Everyone wants a body like that, but most people hit the gym once or twice and then call it quits.

Why is that?

Today I am gonna discuss THE most deadly mistake that most new gym goer make when starting a fitness routine and how you can avoid it.

The Most Deadly Mistake – JUST DO IT!

All the motivational quotes and instagram famous fit gurus will all tell you to “just do it!” don’t wait to get started!

While the intentions are good, sadly most people take it literally and signs up at a gym right away with NO solid plan or idea of how to proceed.

How are you gonna get fitness results if you don’t even know what needs to be done?

Are you just supposed to get results through osmosis?

It makes me sad every time I see somebody walking into the gym, walks up to a piece of equipment, fiddles around with it to try to figure out exactly how it works only to become self-conscious and quickly walks away before even doing a single rep.

Usually that same person would try a few exercises that he or she might have seen on YouTube before finally retiring to the “cardio” section feeling defeated.

Look, we all started from knowing nothing about training and working out. The first step is to admit that you know nothing and seek out help right away.

From friendly regulars at the gym to that freckle faced personal trainer standing in the corner. Most people would be very willing to show you the ropes if you ask them nicely.

Familiarize yourself with every piece of equipment at the gym. Ask around and learn exactly how to adjust those machines, the benches, the squat racks, etc… Learn all about the gym etiquette such as return all equipments used back to its proper location. Once you become comfortable with the environment, then you have a fighting chance of really establishing this as a part of your lifestyle and routine.

Only then can you start expecting to see results.

Now that you know exactly how not to make this one single most deadly mistake, it is time for you to really figure out what your fitness goals are so you can come up with a plan to make it happen.

We have made it very easy for you to get help from us, simply request for more information about all of our programs and we would love to help you!

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