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How to Create a Simple Fitness and Nutrition Plan That Actually Works

By February 21, 2018August 21st, 2018No Comments

We get asked fitness and nutrition related questions a lot. After all, we are known as the weight loss and fat loss experts in Richmond and in Cloverdale.

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When most people ask us these questions, they are expecting a “magic pill” answer. An exercise routine or a super secret diet that will finally solve all of their weight problems once and for all.

The thing about weight loss and fat loss is that most people focus on the fitness training AND the diet way too much.

When it is actually our everyday simple habits that trips us up.

Don’t believe me?

If I give you the perfect exercise and nutrition formula that is guaranteed to help you lose 20 pounds in one month, but you have the habit of going out with your buddies after every hockey game for some bar food and beer, then you will not be getting the desired results.

Another issue that comes with simple habits is that it directly contributes to our ability to create time for exercise and healthy eating.

Whatever your plan for weight loss or fat loss is, you are required to spend additional time on top of what you already do everyday.

A typically plan would look something like this:

30 minutes of physical activity 5 days a week.

Prepare healthy meal on Sunday for the whole week. This process would take roughly 2 hours of grocery shopping time (including travel), and 4 hours of preparation time in the kitchen.

So if you add that up, it is an additional 8.5 hours per week of activity that you are not used to spending time on.

Without learning how to create new habits of making time for exercise and nutrition, how long do you think this plan will last?

This is the reason why most people who set a New Year’s Resolution in January of getting in shape, lose weight, or lose fat, quit by March.

My job as a coach is to help my clients understand how to create lasting habits. Once that is accomplished, then the exercise and nutrition part is easy.

So here is the first step to creating new habits: Start with a clear and simple plan.

Let’s take losing weight as an example.

Step 1: Define your desired outcome

To lose 20 lbs

Step 2: Define the required behavior to achieve such outcome

To exercise and eat healthy

Step 3: Break the behavior down to clearly defined action

Go to the gym 3 times a week and eat less processed food.

Step 4: Break the action down into a precise plan

30 minutes of weight training and 10 minutes of high intensity interval each time at the gym. Cut out processed food at least one meal a day.


Only by going through all 4 of these steps do you actually have something that you can act on without any confusion.

Most people stop at either steps 2 or 3.

Will you go through all 4 of the steps and commit to making the changes required to have lasting change?

If you need help, reach out to me at any time. Just fill out the form on this page, or if you have a specific question, send me an email at info@cruxfit.com

Talk soon.

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