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Counting Calories For Fat Loss Sounds Logical Except It is ALL WRONG

By February 21, 2018No Comments

As Richmond’s most sought after fat loss expert, one of things that we hear constantly is the good old “Calorie in and Calorie Out” argument.

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While it might sound very logical, if it were that straight forward, then their wouldn’t be this many people having trouble with fat loss and the reason for us as Richmond’s best personal trainer would not exist.

The decade old belief that you can lose fat simply by counting your calories to limit intake, and then exercise more to burn more calories, just doesn’t work.

What about sleep?

What about stress?

What about hormones?

What about a lot of other factors?

For starters, in order for calorie counting to work, you first have to make the assumption that calorie calculations are accurate. If that is not the case, then the whole basis of this approach goes out the window.

So now let us look at 5 reasons why calculating calories in our food is as inexact as they come.

1. Food companies use 5 different methods to measure calories, so the FDA allows the food labels to have a 20% margin of error.

That is 20% plus or minus. Which means the whole margin of error is 40%! Not such great news if you are counting calories for fat loss.

2. How you cook your food changes it’s calorie load. An egg in it’s raw state vs boiled has a 35% increase in calorie. And a raw potato has an increase of 90% in it’s calorie once it is baked. The margin of error can be up to 90%! Again, if your personal trainer tells you to count calories, ask him for a good explanation, I would love to hear that!

3. Our guts absorbs calories differently depending on the proportion of the bacteria we have in our intestine. It can vary by up to 150 KCAL per day!

So now after understanding how imprecise counting calories can be, it is little wonder why so many people are not able to get the fat loss result they want despite their best efforts in exercising and logging their calories daily.

It is time to stop counting calories. Do you agree?

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