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So with fitness training facilities and gyms popping up everywhere nowadays I think it would be pretty good to know some general guidelines to not be “that guy” or “girl” at the gym.

1. Stop playing with your phone! Now it’s one thing to make conversation with fellow exercisers while doing the exercise (with their consent of course), but something else entirely when you break away from the exercise to reply to messages on your phone or play swiping games on it while your fellow exercising brothers and sisters in arms are still hanging in the exercise. Be there for them and help everyone, including yourself, complete the exercise strong and move to the next! This also applies to talking or answering your phones unless it’s an emergency, for most of us exercise will be done in an hour tops, and most issues have the leeway of being able to be postponed by 60 minutes. We are at the gym or personal training studio for a reason, whether it’s to get fit, lose weight, keep active, get ripped, or whatever the reason is, we should laser focus on that goal; you can focus for just 60 minutes per day for your health right?

2. Don’t hog the equipment! Sharing is caring! This mostly applies to public gyms but sometimes in private personal training studios such as Richmond Crux Fitness as multiple trainers could have sessions at the same time. Generally the trainers will try to share the equipment and plan ahead but if someone else is waiting for the equipment and you have the option to do another exercise first before coming back to the equipment, consider sharing! This is also very important if you are on your break, with equipment like benches you may want to let someone else use it if they are waiting. Now at Richmond Crux Fitness personal trainers will design workouts where you rotate around different equipment to do different exercises. However, in a public gym setting this might mean you are simultaneously taking up 3 different equipment! So when you do workouts in a public gym, do 1 exercise at a time to finish your use with the required equipment all at once before moving onto the next one, or work-in with others waiting on those equipment to show courtesy.

3. Remember to wipe down the equipment you were using especially if you sweat a lot and ESPECIALLY the MATS! No one wants to use a mat that is soaked in someone else’s sweat or other bodily fluids, so wipe down the equipment you used with the disinfectant wipes every gym and personal training studios like the Richmond Crux Fitness has easily accessible to exercisers. The gym or personal training studio is a place where we go hard and sweat, and we do that quite aptly by ourselves so no need to add other people’s sweat to ours. Be a team player and help keep the exercise equipment clean plus sanitary by wiping down the equipment after you use them every time!

4. Try not to rough handle the equipment!  Throwing things or dropping things, especially extremely heavy things such as dumbbells, kettle bells, barbells, or any weighted object that isn’t designed to be used that way for that matter is generally frowned upon in any fitness facility. Not only does doing these things have a high chance of breaking said weights, but also can damage the flooring. If the equipment is damaged it may take time to get replaced which will cause a piece of equipment to be unavailable for everyone else for a period of time! Also, dropping things and throwing things have a higher chance of hurting yourself or others accidentally as it is a less controlled type of motion than simply putting the weights down, why would you risk injury to yourself or others like that? Oh, and if you are doing exercises which involves putting down the weights in a controlled fashion such as the deadlift, then you are cheating by letting gravity finish that last half of your last rep for you!


The general rule is, the fitness facility is a public space designed to help more than just you, so just keep that in mind with everything you do in there and you’ll have a great time with everyone else there!