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Can I ever get back into shape?! Feels impossible…

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We, as fitness professionals, get this question a lot as clients are often discouraged from
their lack of results regardless how much hard work they put in. Changing how we look
and/or feel is a tough process to integrate into our lives. We are constantly bogged down
with work, family and daily hassles. Below are some pointers for a jump start into the best
shape of your life.

1.) Mindset change.

Change “can I ever get back into shape” into “I will get back into shape”. That shift in
mindset is already part of the success. You have deleted the “program” of a question and
have overwritten it with a statement. The former puts you on the fence. You are not sure if
you are able to get back into shape – you may or you may not. The latter tells you that you
will get back into shape – there are no “what ifs”. A personal trainer in Richmond can
change this mindset for you.

2.) Fitness is not a seasonal hobby; it’s a lifestyle.

Understand that getting back in shape is different from cutting weight for sports
performance. It’s a slow process that contains many ups and downs. Learn to integrate
healthy habits into your life to steer you into the right directions. You may not see results
right away but as you pack on more healthy habits, results will come. A personal trainer can give you some tips on lifestyle.

3.) Put in the work.

Some times you just need to put your head down and hammer out the work. Perhaps you
need to train more often and/or more intensely. Maybe you need to have a stricter diet. You
may not like it, but if you want to achieve the results you need to make the change.
Everyone is different in terms of the work needed to be done. Some might get back into
shape quickly with little effort; for some it may be harder. Understand that it is hard work in
process. A good personal trainer will guide you towards the right direction.

By Marco Ng
Crux Fitness

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