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You can Choose to Suck or Choose to Take Control

By February 21, 2018April 8th, 2024No Comments

We get a lot of emails from people asking for help. Here is a familiar story:

“Hi Min-Ju,

I used to train in Muay Thai. I was in excellent shape. 9 years ago I was the proud father of a baby girl. I stopped to help out with raising her and to help out momma. I’ve since been blessed with another baby girl, and I haven’t done much exercise since. 40 lbs later, I don’t like the shape of my body. I’ve been wanting to do some form of training again. But just because I live in Richmond doesn’t mean I have the time to do any training.

I have to take my girls to soccer practice, skating lessons, swimming. We are always just rushing out the door to get to the next lesson.

Once I have some time, I will come in to check you guys out.”

This happens to a lot of people. How do you obtain, or maintain the body and fitness level you want while juggling all the other duties and obligations?

This is how it happens. It starts with missing that one work out because you are too busy. Then one missed session turns into a few. Before long, you have stopped being active all together.

You tell yourself that it is only temporary, that once these hectic times are over, once things settle down, you will get back into it.

But these hectic times are never over. It just seems like life keeps on throwing one thing after another at you. But it is ok, after all, you are still young and relatively healthy right?

Then one day, you suddenly realized that you are 40 lbs overweight. What’s worse, you can no longer keep up with your kids. You have become one of those dads who is always just watching from the sidelines and never able to physically get involved playing with your kids.

That feeling sucks.

Now you are left with 2 choices. You can either convince yourself that it is just part of life and there is nothing you can do about it. Or you can choose to take action and take back control of your life.

Our client, Thomas, was faced with those 2 exact choices. 40lbs overweight and not able to keep up with the kids, Thomas made a choice to regain control.

In our very first conversation, we laid out a simple 3 step plan for Thomas to guarantee his results. The 3 steps are as follow:

  • Know exactly what you need help with and ASK FOR HELP.</strong Thomas admitted that his biggest issue is not knowing how much to eat and what to eat and asked us to come up with a nutrition plan that can work with his busy lifestyle.
  • Get strategies and solutions from a trusted coach and commit to making 1 change at a time. Our coaches gave Thomas a few strategies based on where he is at both mentally and physically. After evaluating all the changes that he needed to make, Thomas then chose to commit to cutting out late night snacking.
  • Once you decide on what to do. STOP consuming more information and start implementing. After deciding to cut out late night snacking.
    Thomas stopped thinking about what else he could be doing, and just focused on making that one change.

Keep on repeating steps 2 and 3 after you have mastered the new habit and add another one on top.

Thomas has lost 40lbs.

We live in a unique time in human history where knowledge is EVERYWHERE. Everything you could ever dream to know of is now at your fingertips, just one Google search away.

With this power, it has created a whole segment of people who keeps on chasing new information and never stops to take action. They jump from one exercise video to the next, reading one blog post after another, listening to podcasts after podcasts. Yet at the end, never stops to actually put in the work.

This is a society that has way too many knowledgeable failures.

Congratulations Thomas for cutting through the noise and doing what matters the most. Taking action.

If you have been thinking about getting back in shape, been researching, reading, watching videos about it. Now is the time to commit to taking action. Just follow the 3 simple steps and get extraordinary results. I guarantee it.