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Calcium and it’s Importance in Getting You a Fitter and Stronger Body

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Calcium facts

What is calcium? It is a chemical element that is essential for living organisms. It is the most abundant
mineral in the body and vital for good health. It is important that we have an influx of calcium in order to
build and maintain strong bones. Calcium is found naturally in many foods, and supplements are
available. Below are three important facts. A personal trainer in Richmond can tell you the importance
of calcium.

Why exactly do we need calcium?

We need calcium mainly for bone health. You may have heard of the saying “drink milk for strong
bones”; and it is true. Calcium also has other functions such as muscle contractions, blood clotting and
assisting enzymes at work. Without calcium your body will have a fragile frame and inefficient system
operations. Having enough calcium is important if you want to get fit, strong, lose weight.

Where can we find calcium?

Calcium can be found in many foods. Some common foods we often hear high in calcium are milk,
cheese and yogurt. Various nuts and seeds carry this element as well such as pistachio, sesame, almonds
and hazelnuts. Many fortified cereals are high in calcium as well.

How much calcium do we need per day?

Adults age 19 – 50 need approximately 1000 mg per day; that’s about two to three yogurts. Kids from 9
– 18 and adults from 71 and older need a little bit more sodium: approximately 1200 – 1300 mg per day.
It is easy to reach your recommended dosage of calcium. You can turn to supplements only if you cannot
reach the recommended dosage from natural foods.

If you are not sure about the basics of calcium intake, make sure to talk to a nutrition expert and do more research!

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