Here is the biceps workout (exact reps and sets) that we did to give my arms close to a one inch gain in just a few minutes.

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In today’s video, Min-ju, turning 40 years old, and Gage, turning 23 years old, shares their perspective on fitness and on training. When it comes to how to get bigger arms, it is every teenage boys dream. And the biceps curl is the default exercise that every juvenile boy have gone to at one point or another.

Biceps workout at gym, biceps workout at home. It doesn’t matter. The most important thing is having the “mind muscle connection” to really amplify the effectiveness of the exercises.

The theme of the video is “40 VS 20”, seeing the different perspectives and challenges a 40 year old faces as opposed to someone who is in their 20s. Today, the challenge is to see who can pump up their arms more after an intense round of biceps workout.

EXERCISE ONE: Barbell Curls Barbell curl using an olympic bar is a staple exercise when it comes to building bigger biceps and bigger arms. The main focus should be on going slow and smooth to really work on the “mind muscle connection”, keeping a perfect barbell curl form.

EXERCISE 2: Spider curls This is a variation of the dumbbell curl, using the bench to create a different angle, and using a hammer curl grip to hit a different part of the biceps. Just like the barbell curl, the dumbbell curl form is very important.

EXERCISE 3: Incline bench curl This rounds out the workout by using a quarter turn, going from neutral grip to supinated grip. The incline bench position also hits the long head of the biceps more, giving a massive arm building stimulation. The guys had fun while getting a massive pump on their biceps. Good times! Finish watching the video to find out who won!


➡️Here is a great barbell if you are looking for one:


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