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Is Your Personal Trainer Telling You to Count Calories? Don’t be Crazy!

By March 9, 2018April 8th, 2024No Comments

Having being a personal trainer and running personal training, group training, and nutrition programs in Richmond, Cloverdale, and Walnut Grove, I hear this question a lot.

Do I have to count calories to lose weight?

While it might sound logical, calorie counting is often cumbersome, and inaccurate.

Yet is is often the most used approach whenever you ask any random personal trainer for advice.

So first of all, let’s not confuse “calorie counting” with the energy balance principle of “energy in vs energy out”

That is absolutely true.

Take in more calories/energy than you expend, you gain weight.
Take in fewer calories/energy than you expend, you lose weight.

The flaw lies in when you think calorie counting is an exact science.


Whatever you see on those food packagings? They are not anywhere close to being accurate.

The FDA permits up to 20% of inaccuracies

So what about if I just eat “real food?”

Well, guess what, the calorie of the food CHANGES once you chop, blend, or cook it!

Let’s take a 6 oz Filet Mignon for instance. Depending on the cattle that you sourced it from, the same 6 oz filet mignon can already range anywhere between 323 to 506 Cal!

That is already a 60% difference!

And we are not done…wait for it….

As soon as you put it on the grill, the cooking process RAISES the calorie by another 22%!

Ok, I know your mind must be blown by now. Especially when there are so many calorie tracking websites and apps out there competing for your attention.

But once you are able to wrap your mind around that concept, then you will be open to finding a different, and better way.

And that is the basis of our personal training, group training, and nutrition program in all three of our locations in Richmond, Cloverdale, and Walnut Grove.

A system that uses personal training or group training methods to help our clients get lean, get toned, and build muscle, coupled with a nutrition approach that doesn’t require our clients to count calories (which you can see is inaccurate anyways).

And expert coaching to tie it all together, just look at our client successes!

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