all right I’m Dennet I’m the perpetual
fitness expert I help you start a new
fitness routine and keep it up for the
rest of your life so today we’re getting
right into it the reasons for working
out reasons for taking care of yourself
reason for health and fitness we
discussed this before health fitness
transformations are not reasons to work
out right they’re the wrong reasons
those are vehicles right there think of
it this way if those were good reasons
to work out why do so many people have
trouble continuing right oh I want to be
healthy I want to be fit I want to look
good I want a transformation I want to
lose weight how many people in the
history of time have said that and how
many people in this your time has
stopped and not continued right I didn’t
want to know how many that is right so
that means it cannot be right it cannot
be the reason because those reasons do
not last if the reason does not last we
do not last right like like getting rich
quick right do you want to get rich
quick or do you want to get rich for
sure do you want to get rich quick or do
you want to get rich for sure I cannot
imagine how many times trying to get
something quick as cuffs has caused
somebody to give up I can’t even imagine
it trying to get something quick will
almost always work against you money
relationships health fitness losing
weight whatever it is we don’t want it
quick we want it for sure we don’t want
to get rich for quick we want to give it
for sure
we don’t want to lose weight quick you
want to lose weight for sure we want to
look good and feel good quick we want to
look good and feel good for sure for
sure so what is the reason what is the
why so instead of transformations
they’re losing weight or health and
fitness why do you want those things go
deeper go another level deeper right
inception keep going in keep going in
keep going in if you look good if you
feel good if you get a transformation
what will that do for you that is a more
powerful reason that reason will last
that reason will last you want to make
better memories you want to
pain free you want to keep your
independence right you want confidence
right you want to pick up girls at the
beach or the club I don’t know you want
to be the hottest girl in the area and
in this at the party those reasons will
last right those users last even if it’s
shallow it doesn’t matter but the reason
why transformation does not work long
time is long term is how long can you
transform you cannot keep indefinitely
transforming for the better right even
if you can transform which is possible
of course right can you keep
transforming for the better endlessly
there will come a time when you plateau
and when you plateau what happens now
you get frustrated now you get
disappointed now you want to give up so
transformation can get you only so far
so instead if you are gonna use
transformation to get to a certain point
fine but then what happens after that
right that’s why we don’t aim for
transformations we don’t aim to lose a
certain amount of weight you can’t lose
weight indefinitely either we don’t aim
for a wedding we don’t aim for a summer
it’s for a lifetime because you want to
look good and feel good for a lifetime
think of like anything worthwhile takes
time take a relationship again right
imagine this is what happens with a lot
of a lot of guys I know right
their goal is to get the girl right they
will do whatever whenever however long
it takes to get the girl and a lot of
them achieve that goal they get the girl
and then what well I got her I’m done
guess what happens that’s right they
lose the girl they lose the girl so they
needed to change it they need to change
it too ok now I got the girl now how do
I keep the girl happy right you that’s
what I’m saying you can use
transformation but you can’t keep using
it forever right I think it’s a lousy
goal I think it’s a lousy goal I think
you should focus on how much better your
life will be how you will feel your
confidence because the transformation
can give that but other things can get
that as well the transformation will end
if the transformation and the reason
ends so does your motivation your
ability to continue your Drive right you
need to keep finding constant drivers to
keep you going right so I’m gonna end it
there if you need help starting click
the link and we’ll help get you started
if you need help continuing click the
link and we’ll keep you
sinuan because we find we will always
find ways to find out what is important
to you what is the most important thing
to you whatever the most important
things are to you use those as
motivators for everything in life to get
better to get better whether it’s
mentally physically emotionally
spiritually your relationships
financially professionally find reasons
that perpetually make you better okay
that’s it I am Out

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