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Applying the Samurai 7-5-3 code to health and fitness


Every culture around the world has different principles and rules to live by. These can lead and guide a life of an individual. They can tell someone what to do and what not to do. It ultimately shapes an individual’s integrity. The Samurai 7-5-3 codes are principles that a warrior must have in order to be successful, whether it be in battle or in life. 

In the first section are seven codes that outline the virtues of a warrior. Namely: 

  • Rectitude
  • Courage
  • Benevolence
  • Politeness/propriety
  • Honesty/Sincerity
  • Honor
  • Loyalty 

However, in this article we focus on the second section of the code: 5 keys to health. These keys all have equal priority and must be executed to the best of the individual’s ability. Please note: this is my interpretation of this code from my knowledge and experience. Ask your personal trainer in Richmond if they know the 753 code. 


Rational Nutrition

You must FUEL yourself with high quality foods to ensure a high functioning body and mind. Imagine yourself as a heavy-duty pickup truck. Without high quality fuel you cannot do the pulling, pushing and transporting that you were meant to do. Same example applies to humans. Rational nutrition equals a high functioning warrior. Ask your personal trainer in Richmond how they would fuel a warrior. 

Sensible Exercise 

This one may differ between individuals. The key is “sensible”. It does not mean to get excessive amount of exercise to the point of exhaustion. In my opinion, it means to get a CONSISTENT amount of exercise to keep the body running efficiently. Whether it be muscular or cardiovascular, it is critical to achieve an appropriate amount of movement in the system. For some, it could to get three days a week of exercise to maintain a high-functioning body. For others, it could be six days a week of exercise. Regardless of the amount of exercise, maintaining a high-functioning body is the key 

Efficient Rest 

In muscle building, the muscles do not repair itself unless it is a given rest. Yes, you must lift some weights in order to introduce trauma and stress to the muscle but without rest it will simply not grow. Even if the goal is maintaining a well-functioning machine, giving it rest is crucial. This also applies to the mind as well as the body. The mind also needs rest in order to keep the quality of processing. Ensuring proper sleep duration and quality is VERY important. I cannot stress this point enough. Poor sleep will affect the current mind of the warrior as well as the next day (or however long it takes to recover from poor sleep). Other than sleep, it is also recommended that we take some action to release stress from the mind. An activity I like to perform is journaling. This allows the brain to lay out the thoughts in a visual context in order to “soothe” the brain and to prep it for next day’s work. 

Proper Hygiene 

This is an interesting one because hygiene does not come up often in fitness and health books. Not many people would link hygiene to personal strength and wellness. My interpretation of this is that maintenance of high quality hygiene will allow you to focus your mind without clutter. Maintaining well groomed will develop the confidence and courage for the warrior in battle and/or training. Examples of tasks can be facial hair, teeth and nails. A well-kept warrior is more ready for battle than one that let themselves go. Ask your personal trainer in Richmond how a warrior can maintain his/her hygiene. 

Positive Attitude 

Our minds often influence our actions and the realty around us. If we put ourselves into a positive headspace, we can tackle our day much more efficiently. In battle, you must convince yourself that you are the stronger, more superior one. Only then will you ever come out victorious. Remember, how we interpret everything stems from the mind; how we react to everything also stems from the mind. 

The last section of the code is below. And that is the 3 states of mind: 

  • Zanshin – Alertness, Awareness 
  • Mushin – Clear Mind
  • Fudoshin – Emotional Balance

Until next time, 

Coach Marco