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Many times, especially when first starting to go to a fitness facility like Richmond Crux Fitness Personal Training Studio, it can be a very daunting experience when there are so many new machines, gadgets, equipment, etc that you have no idea how to use. Most people when faced with these challenges just start with something they know, and more often than not that thing is the treadmill. Are you someone who only goes to the gym and use only the treadmill? Is the boredom of running on the treadmill keeping you from the consistency for that fit lifestyle you are going for? Is your leg too sore and tired from doing repeated treadmill sessions too much? If this sounds like you, come talk to a Richmond Crux Fitness Personal Trainer and we can see how we might be able to incorporate more things like resistance training into your gym sessions!

In the meantime, here are a few cardio alternatives to treadmill that can change things up a little and make your cardio session at the gym more fun! And Fun is a very important factor for long term fitness success:

Rowing: many gyms or fitness facilities like the Richmond Crux Fitness Personal Training Studio come with a rowing machine where you can simulate rowing a boat to work the entire body instead of just the legs. Rowing involves leg as well as a lot of arm movements so it is a very effective form a cardio to get that calorie burning!

Stationary Bike: This one also involves a lot of leg movement, but may be less high impact than treadmill as your feet do not have to brace for impact with the treadmill surface. Give stationary bike a try if you want your cardio to focus on legs but you are getting really fed up or bored with treadmill!

Stair masters: Have you ever wanted to do A LOT of stairs? If the answer is yes then this is something you have to try! Now if the answer is no, this is also something you might want to give it a go! Why? Well, getting our body out of its comfort zone is where growth magic happens!

Elliptical: These fancy machines in many gyms or fitness training facilities will get your arms more involved to get more calories burning! This machine is part rowing part power walking, so if you are looking for a more dynamic experience definitely look at these!

Jump Rope: This effective high impact activity will test your coordination and your jump game sometimes, and when you get really good at them, you can start doing some fancy moves with them that will certainly be an attention grabber! These are also extremely easy to carry with you anywhere you go, so they are ideal travel fitness equipment or when you need some cardio at home but don’t have space for bigger cardio equipment!

Boxing: both the arm only version and the arms plus legs version will let you work on power, coordination, as well as endurance. It also helps you with self-defense. With so many wins, how can you not think about these? Paired with foot work and dodges, you can work your core, abs, and balance at the same time. As a bonus, you will look cool and intense at the same time while doing this for sure!

Dance classes: The varying styles of dances all require a lot of movements with all of your body, so this compound movement activity will definitely be burning calories like crazy. This is also an extremely fun and usually music-filled activity that is sure to spice your workout up! Who knows, maybe with some moves learned here you can impress your friends at the next party or even get famous!

Shorten the breaks between exercises and pick more compound cardio type movement exercises or run HIIT type exercises: the focus of cardio is keeping the heart rate up, so you can probably see how resting is not really going to help you in that department. The trick is keeping the rest short enough so your heart rate does not fall too much to lose the cardio effect while giving you enough respite to tackle the next set without risking injury. During the exercises you can try incorporating more compound movement exercises to get that heart rate elevated further for more energy/calorie spent!