Active Rehab

Active Rehab

Picture how you would feel living PAIN FREE again


Is healing your injuries and ailments important to you?

Do you want to live the rest of your life pain free?

Do you want to improve your mobility?

If these things are important to you:

How long have you been thinking about doing something about this?

Is staying accountable an issue and you find difficulty in keeping up a steady routine?

Are you confused and don’t know what to do due to all the information out there?

We here at Crux have a team of experts who can help because there is nothing more rewarding for us then to help people improve the quality of their lives

People just like you!

Imagine how different your life will be once you feel fully REJUVENATED and full of VITALITY

Visualize no longer feeling EXHAUSTED because you continually put your life ON-HOLD because of the constant pain

Picture having UNLIMITED MOVEMENT with your full STRENGTH living your life the way you want to


Initial Assessment:

– Detailed injury reports include: date, prior injuries and previous treatments

– Range-of-motion examination include: neck, trunk, shoulder, hip, knees and ankles

– Strength assessments determine the lifting abilities of an individual

– Cardiovascular assessments determine the fitness level of the individual

– Our expertise is in ICBC claims and WCB claims

Active Rehab Sessions:

– Handcrafted programs to target client/patient rehabilitation goals with a certified kinesiologist

– Strengthening of stabilizing muscles for pain management

– Further strengthening of primary muscles to manage pain symptoms 

– Clients/patients are taught static and dynamic range of motion exercises to increase mobility

– Postural education is taught with the focus of head and trunk position

– Core stability training teaches the difference and importance of core strength and stability

– Goal orientated stretching for relaxation and pain management strategies

– Trigger point release of tight areas

– Clients/patients will be taught how to continue the routine independently  

– Tracking and records of all sessions

Visualize Having UNLIMITED Movement In EVERYTHING You Do Again

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