hi I’m Dennet I’m the perpetual fitness
expert I help you start in your fitness
routine so you can keep it up for the
rest of your life so what we can talk
about today we’re gonna talk about self
admiration self confidence self love
self esteem probably the most important
thing right you have to be your own best
friend how you see yourself affects
everything it affects your career it
affects the amount of money you make it
affects your relationship it affects the
kind of partner you achieve you end up
with it affects the way you raise your
children it affects everything so how do
we get it how do we get some fond
admiration well think of it this way if
you think of anyone that you admire be
it an athlete a singer and entertainer
an actor no matter what it is it wasn’t
one great performance one great game one
great song one great movie right I mean
those are those one-hit wonders are I
mean it’s so great don’t get me wrong
I’m still amazing sometimes when they
have those crazy beats but the ones who
have most of your admiration it’s
because of the long game if it’s a
singers because they have multiple songs
if it’s an actress because they have
multiple TV shows or movies if it’s an
athlete it’s because of multiple games
multiple sporting that’s multiple
championships multiple wins so what does
that mean admiration is achieved from
multiple wins long term right not the
big one so if you want a self admiration
you have to do the same thing for
yourself now what’s the best way to get
self-admiration you know what I’m gonna
say work out every day it is not about
pushing yourself to the limit again it’s
not about pushing yourself to the limit
once in a while again you don’t want to
be a one-hit wonder
those are those people do not have your
admiration if you want to have your own
admiration workout every day it can be
low intensity it doesn’t matter
when you do something like working out
every day which is one of the most
admirable things you can be doing
because of the numeron of numerous
benefits you will have self-admiration
you will subconsciously and consciously
be proud of yourself because you’ve
showed up again and again and again and
again just like those athlete singers
and actors that I’m talking about
now think of it this way if you have low
self-esteem low self-love low admiration
how often are you working out right how
often are you working out if you think
of what I’m saying you can see a
correlation here most people who have
self-confidence self-love they exercise
frequently right and a lot of people who
don’t they usually don’t exercise at all
now does that mean there’s a direct
correlation I don’t know but there’s
definitely something there I don’t know
what exactly what it is but there is
definitely something irrefutable there
so instead of just asking how to do it
right do what you already know you’re
supposed to do right have multiple
performances right it’s not about again
let’s take a fleece right usually the
ones who have the most amount of stats
in one game they’re not remembers it’s
the ones who do it again and again and
again and again now again I my sports
stats are a bit off here I do not
believe that Wayne Gretzky has the most
goals ever in a game but why is he known
as the greatest because of how many
great games he had even though he didn’t
have the greatest of all time game is
how many great games he had so same
thing with working out you don’t have to
have the best workout ever once have
great workouts often years after year
after year after year after decades on
end and you will get your own self
admiration the most precious thing in
the world so if that resonated with you
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routine keeping keeping up an exercise
routine or anything else find a trainer
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you trust who has a good record of
helping other people because it is the
important best way you can invest in
yourself alright that’s it I am out

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