hi my name is Dennet I am the perpetual
fitness expert I help you start a new
fitness routine so you can keep it up
for a lifetime

so today I’m gonna tell
you how to make something hard, easy

because that’s what we want right? that’s
what we want and remember, we always
discussed this before.  Everything works
backwards. everything works backwards.

when we have clients who want to change
their diet or workout they always try to
do less, not knowing that actually makes
it harder.

my head trainer, myself we have
a heck of a time convincing people to
come as often as possible.

four, five, six, even seven days a week
they’ll say oh maybe once a week or
twice a week and we tell them the more
often you do something the easier it
gets but they have such a hard
comprehending it because they think
coming more often, spending more time is
more work

and again it is the opposite!
why? think of anything you do every day
anything you do every day that takes
less than an hour it’s probably
automatic.  It is relatively easy now.

Again, I’m not saying that you enjoy doing it
but the thing is, you get good at it or
you do so often it’s just becomes a
natural habit.

it’s less of a chore and
that’s the key.  I mean you tell
me what’s easier to you? brushing your
teeth every day or mowing the lawn or
doing laundry? right? it’s not that the
brushing your teeth is only two minutes,
it’s the fact that it’s everyday!

so what we want is to not create a chore, we want
to create a habit, and habits are created
over a period of time, about 66 days but
you know, we’ll say about two and a half

every day is how you create a
habit. not once a week, not twice a week
you cannot develop a good habit with
twice a week it’s actually more of a
chore and every client that we have that
has worked out more often, four, five, six
to seven days a week they will tell you.

maybe I have to get them on some of
these videos… they will tell you it
actually becomes easier. it is
psychological, not logical.

logical yes, it makes more sense. but again we are not
logical creatures we are emotional

And once you accept and realize that, then you can
work around it

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