hi my name is Dennet I’m the perpetual
fitness expert I help people start a new
fitness routine and keep it up for a
lifetime so today we’re gonna get
technical for once we’re gonna talk
about a technical thing what the body
can do the body can do basically four
things it can push which is
self-explanatory it can pull which is
self-explanatory it can rotate which is
self-explanatory and it can hold a
position by hold a position which is
called an isometric contraction that’s
basically when you’re not moving but the
muscle is still engaged like holding a
plank right even though you’re not
moving it doesn’t mean you’re resting
your muscles are still working to hold
that position now why is this important
the reason why this is important is we
want symmetry and proportion and I think
a lot of people think they’re working
their body evenly but they are not how
do you work your body evenly well we all
know if I was to do bicep curls with my
right arm 50 times I’d want to bounce it
out with my left arm 50 times that one’s
obvious but the ones that’s not as
obvious is front and back if I push 50
times I want to pull back 50 times
because if I push 50 and only pull 25
it’s gonna look like that so again left
and right is obvious now you know about
front and back and then there’s one more
top and bottom if I use my arms 50 times
I want to use my legs 50 times now why
is that why am I going over that because
there’s a very common way people work
out which is called a bro split what
that is is somebody works out five days
a week will say and they have chest a
back day shoulder day arm day and leg
day and they will think it is even
because they’re working out every body
part once that ain’t even that ain’t
even at all chest day is upper back day
is upper shoulder day is upper arm day
is upper and leg day is lower if you
work out like that and you think that’s
even that’s the problem because you have
four upper days and one lower day and
what do you think the results going to
be what are you gonna look like it’s
gonna look like you work your body out
in a four-to-one
your upper body is gonna be
overdeveloped compared to your lower
body and trust me it doesn’t look good
so what am I saying here make sure when
you work out every day you work your
left your right your front your back and
your top and bottom evenly if that
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Dennet Lee is the owner of Crux Fitness
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