hi my name is Dennet and i’m the
perpetual fitness expert i help people
start a new fitness routine and keep it
up for a lifetime

now last time i talked
about the attributes of fitness

the five attributes of fitness were posture
symmetry proportion aesthetics and

today I’m going to talk about
the five elements of fitness and the
five elements of fitness to me are
balance, endurance, flexibility or range
of motion, speed and then power

I believe for perpetual fitness, again not
bodybuilding or sports performance is
totally different

what I’m talking about
is to look and feel good for a lifetime
so you got to make sure again that what
you’re doing is congruent with your goal

I believe you want those five attributes

sorry you want those five
elements to balance out, I want my speed
power, balance, flexibility, endurance to
all be an eight out of ten

what I do not want is my strength to be a ten out of
ten at a cost of my flexibility being
dropped to a two out of ten because I
believe a strong healthy fit aesthetic
body that can serve you for a lifetime
needs to have all of those things balanced

now in terms of importance I
believe balance is the most important
out of all of them. why?

balance is really just control and if you can imagine not
having control of your body imagine
someone like with Parkinson’s the
quality of life goes down dramatically

I believe power is the least important
why? how often in everyday life do you
need maximum power?

not very often I mean
you might be doing some physical labor
job but again not very often.

second least important I’d say is speed
How often do you need to be
moving at top speed? again not very often

but what do you want most importantly
you want the most control, balance, for a

second after that is endurance
you want to be able to last a long time
no matter what you’re doing you don’t
want to be tired throughout the day
that’s the second most important

and the third most important I believe is
flexibility or range of motion

I believe if you have that as well it is important
to be healthy and feel great
for a lifetime

and after that would be
speed and again I already said last is

so again balance them all out every
session every time you work out work on
all five of those things and work on
evening them all out

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Dennet Lee is the owner of Crux Fitness, the top personal training studio with top personal trainers in Richmond, Surrey

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