hi there my name is Dennet and I’m the
perpetual fitness expert, I help people
start a new fitness routine and keep it
up for a lifetime.
so what am I gonna
talk about today, today I’m gonna talk
about motivation. Motivation, that damn
word so many clients and friends of mine say,
Dennet, I need motivation, I need something
to motivate me, to keep me going.
That is not what you need to keep you going
Motivation does one thing, just one.
Motivation, all it does is it gets you started.
That is it.  That’s the only thing it does
Think of all those times you’re
motivated, how long does it last?  You know
that excitement, that energy how long does
that last?  A day? A couple days? A week?
If you’re lucky, it might last a month.
But after that, in that motivation, that
energy is gone.  What happens?
Everything ends.  That’s why we cannot rely on it.
You know I love analogies, let’s use this.
Motivation is like a match, how long does
the match last?  Not very long.  You light
it and it’s out, but the goal is. I want a
big huge, roaring fire.  If I’m gonna rely
on motivation how long am I gonna sit
there lighting these matches over and
over and over again and not get the
results of the roaring fire until I quit?
I’m gonna keep sitting here and
eventually I’m gonna be like you know
what?  This is exhausting.  I’m not getting the
big roaring fire, I’m done.
That’s motivation.  What you need is the wood,
you need the big chunks of wood because if
you light those and that starts going,
those are hard to put out.  And that will
give you the big roaring fire with less
work.  So the question is what, is the wood?
The wood is your disciplined habits, so
you start with motivation.  You light that
match.  You light those wood, the wood, you
create the discipline habits ,and once
that wood is burning once you got
discipline habits working for you, you
will get that big huge roaring fire.
The goal with less work!
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