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Sometimes life gets in the way and we don’t get a chance to make it to the gym for our workout. But
don’t let yourself go without a training day, because there are plenty of exercises that can be done with
no equipment. Below are three routines you can do without any equipment.


Made infamous in Crossfit, burpees are a full body exercise that forces you to work hard. Begin by
getting into a push up position then perform a full push up. Collapse your knees to your chest then stand
straight up. Lastly, jump into the air with your arms above your head. Repeat this for the desired
number of repetitions.


This is a great abdominal exercise that develops the upper and lower abdominals. Begin by lying on your
back. Lift your legs (while keeping them straight) and your shoulders and torso off the floor. Have your
chest and knees meet in the middle, folding yourself in a ‘V’ shape. Repeat this for the desired number
of repetitions.

Shadow boxing

Boxing without a partner works the entire body (if you include kicks) and it raises your heart rate for
cardiovascular effects. Set a timer for four minute rounds with two minutes of rest. Keep your arms up
at all times and utilize both the jab and cross. Add kicks if you are comfortable.

By Marco Ng, Personal Trainer, Crux Fitness
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